More companies are already deploying quantum computing than you think

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A report by enterprise quantum software company Zapata claims that companies rushing to adopt quantum computing believe the technology will give them a significant competitive advantage.

For those who don’t want to be left behind, the report says time is running out, but cautioned that complexity and the potential for vendor lock-in prevent many firms from moving to quantum technology.


After surveying 300 CIOs, CTOs and other VP-level and above executives at large global enterprises, Zapada found that three-quarters (74%) agree – failing to adopt quantum computing means being left behind. Is. Time is of the essence, as well, of those who have already started creating quantum solutions, about half (41%) expect to achieve a competitive advantage within 24 months. Furthermore, the top 12% of adopters expect to move up within a year.

vendor lock-in fear

Of all the possible use cases for quantum computing, two of the biggest are at the moment – machine learning and data analytics. In the US, 71% are interested in using advanced technology to solve problems related to these two areas. Zapata concluded that machine learning is the most likely use case for providing near-term value for the enterprise.

While basically all respondents (96%) agreed that they could not successfully adopt the technology without the help of third parties, 73% were related to vendor lock-in.

What’s more, half (49%) see the complexity of integrating quantum computing with their existing IT stacks as their biggest obstacle to adoption, especially when they don’t think quantum will ever fully replace classical computing. will change the way. For the time being, almost all near-term access to quantum devices will be remote (via the cloud).

Other major constraints include security, lack of existing advanced capabilities to manufacture, lack of talent or expertise, and lack of clear use cases.

“Today, more organizations are realizing that quantum computing is the next frontier in their data analytics capabilities, and they need to start building the infrastructure, applications and workforce for quantum computing today if they don’t want to be left behind.” is,” said. Zapata CEO Christopher Savoie.

“We are already seeing how quantum adoption leaders are setting themselves apart from the rest of the pack. They are beginning to create solutions that take advantage of today’s quantum devices strategically within most classical applications.” Those at the forefront aren’t just investing amounts to avoid losing – they’re playing to win.”

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