More people than ever are installing Android and iPhone apps

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It looks like both Google and Apple saw record-breaking numbers of mobile app installs in 2021.

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sensortower Measures the most popular app installs for Google and Apple devices, and there was a 20% increase in users buying apps in 2021.

Many of the most popular apps seem to be social media apps and games, with TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram topping the most installed charts, along with games like Honor of Kings and Coin Master.


However, we’re starting to see the different ways in which we can access these apps, with Apple allowing iOS apps to be used with M1-powered Macs and Chromebooks running Android apps. windows 11 Also going to be able to download and run Android apps through Amazon.

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With more mobile apps coming into operating systems, we could see a big change in Sensor Tower’s charts in a year’s time in how apps will be downloaded and purchased.

One App Store in more locations

These charts give users a good idea of ​​which apps were used throughout the year. With the global COVID-19 pandemic, people are increasingly using devices in their homes as the lockdown goes into effect, which may have affected SensorTower’s charts in 2021.

But thanks to vaccines, users are going all out again, trying different apps for different situations. This could lead to an increase in travel apps where, for example, users are looking at which public transportation they should use.

NS MacBook Pro 14-inch (2021) A recent example is the ones powered by Apple’s M1 Pro or M1 Max chips, which let you download pre-purchased iOS apps. This is because the CPU is the same architecture used in the iPhone and iPad, and it has allowed apps to run in macOS as well, as long as the developer has given permission for it.

This means that if you see an app on the iOS App Store, there’s a good chance you can use it on your Mac as well as your iPhone or iPad.

This can have a big impact on the charts that SensorTower creates each year. We use our devices in different ways in different places – for example, an app you download from the iOS App Store may be more suitable for your Mac. The game is a good example of this, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is available for iPhone and iPad, but it can now be downloaded on M1-powered Macs, so you can continue your progress while traveling on a train, for example. Can you

Meanwhile, thanks to a deal with Amazon, Microsoft is working its way up too.

A Windows App Store Fusion

Windows 11 was announced in June with a redesigned Microsoft Store, where you can download and install apps, just like you can in Android and iOS. But a surprise came in the form of Android apps from the Amazon App Store, which are also coming to the Microsoft Store.

While it’s in testing on Windows Insider channels, where you can test out features under development, it could greatly affect how Android charts from SensorTower may appear this time next year. Users who have an Android phone can continue their work or progress in the game on their Windows tablets and PCs, as long as the app is available on the Microsoft Store.

Users have already found the methods Install Any Android App from Google Play on Windows 11, which shows how other apps in Microsoft’s software can be used if the company goes beyond the Amazon App Store agreement.

We are in a time where mobile applications are about to expand to other devices in a big way, which may also encourage developers to build applications or update their existing ones to meet these changes.

Throw both the iOS app in macOS and the Android app in Windows 11 below to see how developers can adapt to these upcoming changes. It will also be interesting to see how these new ways of using mobile apps affect next year’s charts.

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