Rockstar release takes a long time red Dead Redemption upcoming series. Since there are only two games in the series so far – not counting red dead revolver — there’s technically no set pattern, but it took eight years red dead redemption 2 To debut after the release of the first red Dead Redemption, and on October 26, it’s been four years red dead redemption 2 has been launched, and there is no sign of a follow-up title.

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whereas red Dead Redemption Players will have to get used to these long waits between installments of the series, they will be happy to know that at least work is underway on the said installments. Strauss Zelnick, CEO of Rockstar’s parent company Take-Two Interactive, recently confirmed this during the Jefferies Virtual Global Interactive Entertainment Conference, where he spoke at length about Take-Two’s thought process for releasing new games.

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During the conference, Zelnick answered whether the franchise preferred Take-Two’s main game. grand theft auto And red Dead Redemption – Survive shelf life or eternity through extensive industry changes and technological advancements. In response to these questions, Zelnick confirmed that Take-Two plans to launch a future red Dead Redemption Topic. However, the launch of these titles will be few and far between.

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Zelnick compares the staying power of the franchise to James Bond, which dates from around 1950. He believes the film franchise works because it releases installments, making them more like special events. he wants to do the same thing GTA And RDR, He also revealed that Take-Two would sometimes avoid releasing titles to create fan hype, a decision that Take-Two clearly makes as a company, not just upper management.

in totality, “red dead redemption 3,” or whatever the next title will be called, it is coming; Take-Two is planning on it, but it will take some time, maybe even three more years. That’s more than half of the current release schedule, Zelnick said. For Take-Two revolves around the new IP, while the games it admits like grand theft auto And red Dead Redemption Has staying power, they are not permanent. with that in mind, RDR3 Probably won’t be among the new releases, but at least fans have red dead online To keep them with him until the next title in the series.

red dead redemption 2 Now available for PC, PS4, Stadia and Xbox One.

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