For every memorable fighting game released, there’s always at least one character or trick, or both, on people’s minds. whereas Street Fighter In what may be one of the most beloved fighting games, Ryu is one of the most notable characters in the franchise, mortal Kombat The scorpion is and is probably one of the most famous fighting moves in gaming history. Now, a video has surfaced that shows the character “Go here!” Shows behind the scenes footage. Action is being invented on the spot.

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Uploading a video to Twitter yesterday, Ed Boon’s co-creator mortal Kombat And injustice, has been able to show footage from a 1992 video shoot in which the original Scorpion actor, Daniel Pessina, donned the costume of the famous yellow ninja. In the clip just over two minutes long, the camera is focused on Pessina/Scorpion, with Boone and John Tobias directing their movements off-screen.


At the beginning of the video, Boon has a brainwave and tells the actor, “You know what would be a good ass move?” And then considers whether ninjas ever used ropes. He then starts working on an idea that involves a rope attached to an arrow which is soon thrown by the iconic mortal Kombat character, and then instructs Pessina to imitate his movements. After several attempts and brainstorming, they eventually settle on a windup, followed by a throw of an invisible ninja rope, which then ends in a quick pulling motion. Thus, the scorpion “come over here!” The trick was born, and it was all perfected during a video shoot. Boon said in a tweet that he uploaded the video as an opening celebration of the game’s 30th anniversary, which will take place next year.

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What’s also interesting about the video is how much power Pesina’s character has. In between, while Boon and Tobias are guiding him, he is still posing as Scorpion, either in his signature fighting stance, or with his hands on his hips. With the exhilarating way in which the director hits upon the idea in a jiffy, it’s hardly surprising that Scorpion is one of Ed Boon’s favorites. MK The characters, whose rivalries with Sub-Zero also played by Pessina, are well-known among the franchise’s fan base.

with that word Mortal Kombat 12 As soon as development may begin, it’s amazing that the series is still running after almost three decades. Its excessive gore and violence, and roster of characters, is probably what keeps fans interested. But it’s that famous move of Scorpion that many people will always think about when they talk about sports.

Mortal Kombat 11 Now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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