Moto G Pure: 3 things I like about Motorola's $160 phone

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The Moto G Pure surprised me with its back-to-basic vibe.

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NS $160 Moto G Pure It is the lowest priced phone I tested in 2021. I wasn’t sure what to expect. It lacks support for 5G, has only a 6.5-inch screen with 720p resolution and has a MediaTek Helio G25 processor that gets the lowest score of any phone I’ve tested in our benchmark performance tests. But after a few days of using the Moto G Pure, I’m really impressed with its low-key charm.

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The sole purpose of existence of this phone is to be cheap. And by cheap, I don’t mean poorly made; Quite the opposite, actually. The Moto G Pure is priced at $160 and is before discounts, of which there will certainly be. To put this in perspective, for the price of a iphone 13, you can buy 4.5 moto g pure phone. Or buy one and save $569. Clearly the iPhone 13 is a better phone in almost every way. But I’d argue that at $160, the Moto G Pure is well above its weight when it comes to basics. (The phone won’t be available internationally, but $160 roughly converts to £120 or AU$220.)

The Moto G Pure has a fresh, minimalist vibe. It handles the basics just fine. It’s not peppy, but it’s not annoyingly slow either. And there are a few things about it that stand out to me.

Moto G Pure battery life is good

Moto G Pure has a 4,000 mAh battery. It’s huge, but it’s not the biggest battery you can get, even on a Motorola phone. But combine that battery with a close-to-stock version of Android 11, a MediaTek processor, a low-resolution display, and 4G LTE connectivity, then you have a saturated phone in terms of battery life. Motorola quotes two days on a single charge. Within a few days I had the phone, I charged it twice. That is, you should not have any problem even in a day.

moto g pure

The Moto G Pure has a 13-megapixel camera and a depth sensor.

Moto G Pure camera works but doesn’t do well

There is a single rear camera of 13 megapixels. There is technically a second camera in the form of a 2-megapixel depth sensor. Both work together for things like portrait mode and spot color photos. I’m not sure what I’d expect from a camera on a $160 phone, but the Moto G Pure definitely exceeded my expectations.

Is the Moto G Pure’s camera level up? iPhone, google pixel Or Samsung Galaxy S21? Not at all But those phones cost $300 to $500 more than the Moto G Pure. Will you be able to take good pictures in good light most of the time? you betcha.

The camera has HDR, Portrait Mode and Google Lens. There is no night mode and images taken indoors in low light have image noise and softness.

moto g pure

Here’s what a photo taken at night looks like from a $160 phone.

The Moto G Pure has a Pro Mode where you can manually dial in the settings for photos. There is also a floating window histogram in Pro Mode. Phones that cost four or five times as much as the Moto G Pure don’t have a histogram in the default camera app.

The camera also includes Moto Shortcut features like Auto Smile Capture, Gesture Selfie where you hold your palm to trigger the selfie photo. I miss the Moto Actions shortcut where you double-twist your wrist to open the Camera app.

Moto G Pure is a simple phone

Phones are often marketed based on their specifications or a new attractive feature, but what really makes a phone attractive is how a company is able to bring all the different elements together into a single overall look. . The Moto G Pure and its clean modern design are a good example of this. Pure has a minimalist cohesion about it.

moto g pure

I love the simplicity of the $160 Moto G Pure.

The only thing that looks dated is the teardrop cutout in the display for the selfie camera. The back is plastic coated with an attractive textured purple finish. The fingerprint reader (remember them?) is on the back and easy to use without looking. But what really ties everything together is a near-stock version of Android 11 with little software from Motorola. Gametime is there to reduce distractions when playing games like Alto’s Odyssey and Asphalt 9. There are also Moto Actions, for example, you can turn the flashlight on and off by making a chopping motion while holding the phone.

The Moto G Pure lives up to its name by giving you a pure 2021 phone experience without the complicated frills that define more expensive phones. While the Moto G Pure certainly has its drawbacks, it is all but up to them with its price tag.

In the US, you can order the Moto G Pure universally unlocked for $160 at Best Buy, Walmart, B&H Photo, Amazon, and more. Motorola’s website. A Verizon version is also available to order. Over the next few months, T-Mobile, AT&T, US Cellular, Cricket, Consumer Cellular, Boost Mobile, Xfinity Mobile, Spectrum Mobile and Republic Wireless will sell Pure, and Metro by T-Mobile will give you the free Moto G Pure. When you switch to its service.

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