Mount and Blade: Bannerlord Combines a wide-open sandbox RPG with a real-time strategy game. Players can recruit their own band of warriors and lead them into massive battles. Now, Taleworlds is rolling out a new update to add more strategic depth bannerlords Real time battle.

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Mount and Blade: Bannerlord The sandbox action RPG has just received its 1.7.0 update, bringing a range of new content. This includes the introduction of a new Order of Battle system that lets players organize their warriors into different formations. Latest patch also improves bannerlords Siege AI is making climate engagements far less alive.


Mount and Blade: Bannerlords The new Order of Battle system makes it easier for players to control large armies in battle. This lets him divide his army into several formations and appoint a captain to each. In addition, players can add or remove different types of troops using the sliders, allowing them to set the exact proportion of units in each formation. Players can then check their formations mid-battle thanks to on-screen cards that keep the player up-to-date on important information for each formation. This new feature looks like it could be a literal game-changer for players commanding large armies late in the game.

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Mount and Blade Mounted Bannerlord

Patch changes AI too bannerlords Siege. Previously, soldiers had trouble navigating stairs and siege towers and often clustered around a single one. They also stopped taking the stairs after taking damage and sometimes tried to escape by breaking the enemy’s walls. The AI ​​update fixes all those issues while making defenders more intelligent. They should be more effective in detecting where the attack is coming from and react accordingly.

bannerlord Players should also take note of the changes if they choose to lay siege instead of attacking the castle directly. When the defenders run out of food, they will start taking damage instead of just dying. The game still calculates starvation based on percentages rather than absolute numbers. This means that a large garrison will have a higher proportion of damaged soldiers than a smaller army. bannerlord Mobile has already done this for parties, and it should make Siege feel a little more realistic than it did before.

In addition to the changes described above, update 1.7.0 also introduces a range of new battlefields. Mount and Blade: Bannerlord, The patch adds 23 new battle maps, bringing the total to 72. Developer Tailworld plans to continue adding new battlefields in future updates, giving players more reasons to jump back into the medieval sandbox strategy action RPG.

Mount and Blade: Bannerlord Available on PC.

Source: tailworlds

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