Move over Captain America – meet Captain Krakoa of the X-Men

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You’ve heard of Captain America, but in December, you’ll meet Captain Krakow — a New Mutant superhero debuting in X-Men #6 from writer Gerry Duggan and artist Pepe Laraz, with a mission to save the world from evil. . their American counterpart.

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But the debut of Captain Krakoa — whoever they be — also brings some controversy, as it seems that not everyone on the newly formed X-Men team is completely in line with the new superheroes.


“What happened to Captain Krakoa?” The solicitation text asks for X-Men #6, which also points to the mystery surrounding Captain Krakoa’s identity and Cyclops’ reluctance to accept the new hero as a member of the X-Men.

Duggan sheds a little light on Captain Krakow’s mission, explaining that, like the new incarnation of the X-Men, Captain Krakow is a hero to the entire world—not just mutants.

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“The heroes of Krakoa have one more gift for their home planet: a selfless hero from the coast of Krakoa who will defend Earth until his last dying breath,” Duggan recounts. comic book, who previewed the cover of X-Men #6 and the accompanying solicitation text.

Interestingly, both Duggan and the solicitation text are establishing an important mystery about Captain Krakoa’s true identity and what this will mean for the X-Men. Although Captain Krakoa’s powers are not disclosed, the cover of X-Men #6 clearly shows him in flight, while also depicting a well-built, distinctly male character.

X-Men #6 is due out in December. Check out Marvel’s full December 2021 requests coming to Newsrama later this month.

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