My favorite hair care and color products are discounted at Overtone for Black Friday

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Self-care is often something that gets out of the way, especially when things get busy. But a fresh haircut or new color can really make you feel like a new person. Whether you visit the salon regularly or always take care of your hair at home, Overtone products will keep you feeling refreshed and taking care of your hair while you do it. As for me, I was inspired to start playing with color after I moved to L.A. about ten years ago and wanted a fresh start. Since then, I’ve been back and forth between salons, box dye, and everything in between.


Not everyone has the budget for stylists to maintain their hair, but they don’t want to treat their hair with a slew of chemicals that they just don’t know how to use properly. Overtone is a conditioning product that you use in the shower as part of your regular hair care routine. It does not harm the hair, as it does not contain ammonia, bleach or developers. Their color-setting conditioners add color to your strands, but they don’t accentuate or lighten your hair color, just enhance what you already have.


Overtone’s claim to fame is actually through those vibrant, semi-permanent shades you see like electric blue or bright magenta, but they offer a plethora of useful products for all hair types. There are natural shades available, such as black, brown, and natural red, that will refresh your complexion between salon visits, and there are products designed to help you take away wild colors if you’re looking to change up your look. trying.

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My personal favorite is their colorless hair mask, which repairs a lot of damage and keeps my hair silky, whether I’m styling with heat, wax, or hairspray. This is also something I use every time I lighten my hair.

I love these products, and they are not overly expensive as far as hair care is concerned, but they are a lot more affordable this week. You OMG40 . can save 40% off code,

This is a sale I buy every year to stock up on my favorites. This is also a good time to try a product with a low financial commitment. it is a deal Overtone now from November 28th. available on,

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