'Mystery hut' spotted by China's moon rover gets an explanation It's not a house after all.

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After all, this is not home.

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The “Mystery Hut” rock on the Moon now has a more appropriate name: “Jade Rabbit.”


“Mystery Hut” Spotted by China’s Yutu-2 Rover On the far side of the moon – drumroll, please – a rock turned out. It’s not exactly a surprise, but it’s an intriguing conclusion to the lunar puzzle that thrilled so many of us in December.

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once again, Andrew Jones, a journalist who covers the Chinese space program for SpaceNews and Space.com, alerted me on Friday to the latest rover team updates with a tweet, narrate the conclusion of the saga As in “so tremendous it’s fantastic.”

It turns out that the cube-shaped “hut” is a small lumpy rock sitting on a crater rim. It happened to appear much larger and more mysterious in the first image of the rover. After moving closer and gaining some perspective, the rover was able to reveal the true nature of the object.

jaderabitrockcloseEnlarge Image

The “Jade Rabbit” looks like a bunny, leaning to the right with the carrots and the left with the pellets.

but that’s not all. It gets sweeter. The rock’s tufted shape has now earned it the nickname “Jade Rabbit” because it looks like a rabbit crouching down with some carrots in front of it. Behind the “rump” of the rock are some pretty round pieces that look like bunny poop, which just adds to the fun.

The Yutu-2 rover’s name changes to Jade Rabbit, so it’s as if the rover found its mascot on the Moon.

Yutu-2 is part Chang’e-4 mission of China’s National Space Administration Which landed in 2019 to make an ambitious exploration of the far side of the Moon (which isn’t always dark). Yutu-2 operates on solar power, so it hibernates from time to time until the Sun returns. So it took a while to get closer to the “mystery hut” for a better look.

This is hardly the first time that unusual-looking objects have been discovered in space. ,spoon” And “face’sCuriosity has also aroused on Mars.

The end result of this adventure might seem like a disappointment, especially if you were expecting something really wild, like an alien outpost or an ancient monolith, but I’m really happy. I am very happy with the speculation about the original image. I was 99.9% sure it was a boulder and the only real mystery was its size and shape. It can be sweet, resembling a bunny.

Not to be lost in all this, the rover is doing a lot of missions. It is the first to explore the far side of the Moon and is still rolling three years after landing. Next, it will probe the area around Jade Rabbit Rock and it should be able to get some even better images. We’ll see if it still looks like a bunny on closer examination.

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