Netflix: 41 best movies to watch tonight

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Mary Elizabeth Winstead stars in Kate.

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Netflix Movie viewing starts from Wednesday This week with JJ+E, a Swedish Romeo and Juliet-type romance between two teenagers from very different backgrounds who end up in the same class in high school.


A very different movie came out on Thursday: Blood Brothers: Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali. The documentary unveils the extraordinary bond of Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali as it breaks under the weight of mistrust and changing ideals. On the same day, you can watch another documentary woman and killer, about a police chief and the victim’s mother who tirelessly chases and prosecutes serial killer Guy George in Paris in the 1990s.

Hope You Cleared Your Friday Schedule – TOTAL three The movies run throughout the week and, covering all of Netflix’s bases, one is an international film, a product of an algorithm and an animated family fantasy. Prey (2021) A German thriller about friends who are hunted by a mysterious shooter while hiking. Kate (2021) Mary Elizabeth Winstead stars as a murderer who, after being poisoned, gets 24 hours to take revenge on her enemies. Somewhere along the way, he finds time to befriend the daughter of one of them.

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Finally, Silver Dragon Firedrake (2020), which is definitely No Not to be mistaken for How To Train Your Dragon, follows a boy, his dragon, and a mountain spirit on an adventure in search of a special haven for dragons. I repeat, this has nothing to do with How to Train Your Dragon.

Last week saw the arrival of comedy Life After the Party (2021), documentary Final Account (2020) and biopic Worth (2020). For more information, scroll down to find the list of the best Netflix original movies Netflix has acquired the rights to distribute in the US.

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