it’s only a matter of time squid game Receives some sort of video game customization. In lieu of an official product or in-game cross promotion, fans of the show have come up with their own ways with self-imposed challenges and custom-made ones to showcase their love for the Netflix drama. fortnite Maps. YouTuber Mr. Beast also suggests rebuilding squid game In real life (at least murder, hopefully).

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given how squid gameThe popularity of the U.S. has only increased relatively recently and given how long game development takes, an official video game tie-in is unlikely to be released any time soon (technically it could, but then it’s a Would be quick product and probably not great). Only recently, insider Tom Henderson claimed that a squid game The Type video game is in development, but that doesn’t mean it will use squid game License. It can offer a similar concept to attract players.


However, it seems like Netflix is ​​at least considering turning squid game in a video game. The company has filed a common trademark for squid game Which, according to the listing on the World Intellectual Property Organization website, covers almost everything from books, stickers and clothing to bakeware, Christmas tree ornaments and video game software.

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While this is by no means a hard confirmation, Netflix clearly wants to cover all its bases and no doubt plans to make the most of it. squid gameSuccess by producing goods. A video game still seems very possible, though Netflix has recently made a big push into the gaming space.

games based on its shows like strange things Already exists, but now Netflix plans to set up its own gaming service, allowing users to download titles directly through the streaming service. It has also bought Night School Studios, the developer behind the upcoming oxenfree 2. If Netflix is ​​hoping to make a meaningful impact in this industry, then a squid game Video games seem like a no-brainer.

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The concept of the show itself lends itself well to being transformed into a video game. For anyone unfamiliar with the show, squid gameThe premise of 456 people who are deeply in debt and participate in children’s games to win a grand prize. it’s like a bloody version fall friends Because losing means death. With the battle-royal genre still so popular, it won’t be surprising if Netflix makes its own alternative to something like fall friends Or fortnite.

At the time of writing, there is no official word on whether squid game There will be a second season. But it also seems almost inevitable, especially since it will help maximize Netflix’s profits on any and all. squid game Goods.

squid game Available on Netflix.

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