Netflix debuts new streaming metrics

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Netflix on Tuesday unveiled a new website that aims to provide a more transparent look at the performance of its content. It also unveiled a new way to measure that performance.

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why it matters: Netflix has long faced criticism that the numbers it reveals about its content are inconsistent, and because they are not biased by third parties.

  • Now that the streaming landscape has become more competitive, it wants to offer more reliable data.

description: new website,, Shows top 10 movies and TV series based on hours watched. It also shows how many weeks that content has been in the top 10.

  • This differs from the way Netflix calculates viewership, which was the number of accounts viewing a title.
  • The site has top-10 lists for English TV series, English movies, non-English TV series and non-English movies. Non-English lists have viewers in over 90 countries.
  • For example, for the first week of November, Netflix says its South Korean hit “Squid Game” has clocked 65 million hours and was on Netflix’s top-10 non-English list for four weeks.
  • Netflix says the site will update weekly on Tuesdays with clocking hours from last Monday to Sunday. This will include the historical top-10 lists as of June 28.
  • It will also show the top all-time performing content on Netflix based on your first 28 days on the service.
  • All titles deserve to be included in Netflix’s new top-10 lists. Each season of a series is measured separately.

Between the lines: The company also published its most recent top-10 streaming lists for the week of November 9 to 14.

  • “Red Notice” It was the most-watched English film with nearly 148 million hours of views.
  • “Squid Game” Season 1 It was the most-watched non-English TV series with nearly 43 million hours of views.
  • “Narcos” Season 3 It was the most-watched English TV series with 50 million hours of views.
  • “Wound” It was the most-watched non-English film with nearly 18 million hours of views.

Most Popular Netflix Content Wasn’t shocking all the time.

  • “Bridgeton” Season 1 Its the most popular English TV series with 625 million hours of views.
  • “Squid Game” Season 1 It is the most popular non-English TV series with 1.6 billion hours of views.
  • “Bird Box” It is the most popular English film of all time with 282 million hours of views.
  • “Blood Red Sky” It is the most popular non-English film of all time, with 111 million hours of views.
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yes but: This isn’t the first time Netflix has rolled out a new viewership metrics. And although these metrics are intended to address criticisms of its measurement systems, they are not being produced independently.

  • In 2018, Netflix touted viewership for its film Bird Box, but said that a view counts once a user exceeds 70% of the total running time, including credits.
  • in 2020, It said it would count any user who has watched at least two minutes of a series or movie as an “viewer”.
  • To ensure reliability, The company says it has hired an independent accounting firm, EY, to review its new viewing metrics. Netflix says it will publish a report from EY on its metrics in 2022.

big picture: As the subscription streaming landscape becomes more saturated, it becomes harder to measure content performance across different platforms.

  • As a result, there have been a number of new third-party measurement firms that analysts rely on to gauge the success of various streaming titles. Netflix is ​​leading the way by offering a metric that it thinks can better reflect the success of its content than rivals.
  • Last month, Netflix told investors that it thinks its new system is not only a better indicator of the overall success of its titles and that it “also matches how external services measure TV viewing and deserves credit for rewatching.” gives.”


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