Netflix raised its prices again

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Netflix has once again raised the prices of its subscription services in the US and Canada. All new customers will see the new prices starting today and existing customers will receive an email notice 30 days before the increase takes effect.

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were the hike First reported by Reuters, which Netflix told: “We are updating our prices so that we can continue to offer a variety of quality entertainment options.”

The new prices are as follows,

  • Basic (1 stream, 480p): $8.99 → $9.99
  • Standard (2 streams, 1080p): $13.99 → $15.49
  • Premium (4 streams, 4K): $17.99 → $19.99

New prices in Canada are $16.49 for Standard and $20.99 for Premium, unchanged at the original $9.99.

The last increase was in 2020 (the standard went from $113 to $14) and before that in 2019 (from $11 to $13). One imagines that they waited until January, so one cannot say that they raised the price for three years in a row.

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The pandemic has seen a historic surge in demand for TV and movies, and while Hollywood is still trying to work out its strategy, Netflix has confidently doubled down on a winning formula and slipped the bill to its subscribers.

While no one likes to lose another penny in a month, it’s hard to deny the value proposition with the platform’s increasingly endless selection of international productions. The breakout hit “Squid Game” is just one example of a show that probably wouldn’t have been made without Netflix’s deep pockets (in fact the producers unsuccessfully bought it for years).

Expect an email detailing the changes soon — you’ll have the chance to change or cancel, but who among us has the power to do so? Use the increase as a justification for watching 10% more shows.

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