Netflix: The 54 best TV shows to watch this week

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Penn Baezley and Victoria Pedretti are back for another season of You.

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which new tv show was a hit Netflix This week? Like no other great smash-hit South Korean drama squid game? Well, not at all.


You can watch the first season on Monday King’s Affection (2021). It’s a Korean drama, but more a lovable romance than a violent survival drama. Also on Monday: Season 11 of Shameless and Season 2 of Baby-Sitter Club.

Take a look at season 3 of the entertaining Diksha-series on Tuesday movies that made us, covering Aliens, RoboCop, Halloween, Coming to America and more.

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Nothing on Wednesday, but then keep an eye out for Season 3 of crime comedy series In the Dark on Thursday. you can also see another life season 2, if you need a science-fiction hit. Thriller doesn’t have the greatest reviews, but again, it might just scratch that sci-fi itch.

On Friday, comes the big one: aap ka season 3. That’s right, the insanely addictive psychological thriller starring Penn Badgley and Victoria Pedretti. There is also Season 1 of My Name, a Korean series about a woman who joins a gang to avenge her father. Netflix is ​​apparently taking a liking to South Korean titles at the moment.

Here are last week’s arrivals: Season 8 blacklistmilf season 1 A Tale of Dark and Grim and season 1 House of Secrets: The Burari Deaths. For even more, scroll down to find the list of the best original shows on Netflix.

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