Netflix to shoot pair of Red Notice sequels back-to-back

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Last year, Netflix made a big splash when it picked up red notice from Universal Pictures, and the film became one of the most popular movies on the streaming platform. This was largely due to the incredible star power of Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds in the lead roles. Now, time limit is reporting that Johnson, Gadot and Reynolds are all expected to return red notice 2 And red notice 3, Additionally, Netflix has ambitious plans to shoot both the sequels back-to-back.

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While the plan is to begin filming next year, it is not set in stone yet. Johnson, Gadot and Reynolds have extremely busy schedules, and it will be a challenge to revamp the three of them. That’s one reason the sequels are also reportedly expanding the cast beyond the main trio. Comparison of Deadline Reports red noticeexpanded roster of characters Ocean’s Eleven movies, which had an all-star cast. Director and screenwriter Rawson Marshall Thurber is also set to return, and has reportedly begun writing a sequel.

Netflix is ​​notorious for keeping its viewing numbers close to the vest, but commits to two more installments red notice Turns out it was actually one of the top stage films of 2021. Netflix also recently struck a deal to film two sequels. ryan johnson‘s knives out,

Cast of Red Notice.

First red notice Introduced the character of Johnson, Special Agent John Hartley, an expert criminal profiler on the hunt for two of the world’s greatest art thieves; Nolan Booth (Reynolds); and Sarah Black, aka The Bishop (Gadot). When Sarah arranges to capture Nolan, she implores John to steal a bejeweled egg that had belonged to Cleopatra centuries earlier. This prompts Nolan and John to form an unlikely alliance to escape prison in order to find the remaining egg before Sarah.

red noticeThe ending also suggests future adventures with this trio, so today’s news wasn’t entirely unexpected. If filming begins in 2023, red notice 2 And red notice 3 Might be coming to Netflix in 2024. However, it is also possible that Netflix may release sequels a year or more apart from each other.

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