Netflix's Squid Game was even bigger than you thought

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The Squid Game is Netflix’s most popular title of all time.

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Netflix Viewed by customers around the world squid game For a total of 1.6 billion hours during its first four weeks, the company said Tuesday — the latest in a series of head-spinning statistics about dark South Korean shows. runaway popularity,


To put that in context, 1.6 billion hours is equal to over 182,000 years. Netflix’s next most popular title, a soapy period drama bridgerton, less than half that, which has been viewed for 625 million hours.

Netflix Isn’t Shy About How squid game There has been an unexpected increase in popularity. In late September, Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos cautiously noted that the Squid game had “a very good chance” of being the service’s biggest event to date. Then in October, Netflix said that 142 million accounts sampled at least two minutes of Squid games in that first month — that’s two out of every three Netflix subscribers worldwide. No other Netflix title has crossed the 100 million mark before.

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But the new figure of 1.6 billion hours for the Squid game was released as part of Netflix is ​​unveiling a new website with a piece of Rankings and data for its most-watched shows and movies, Netflix is ​​changing the metric used to measure the popularity of shows and movies on its service to now count total hours, not the number of accounts that sample a title. As part of the switch, Netflix launched a new public site that would publish dozens of popularity rankings, and it brought on one of the world’s four big accounting companies, EY (formerly Ernst & Young), to help rank it. has gone.

The chart includes what lists the most-watched shows and movies of all time on Netflix, divided into English-language titles and languages ​​other than English.

A chart of Netflix's top 10 most popular TV shows in English and non-English languages
A chart of Netflix's top 10 most popular TV shows in English and non-English languages

for years, Netflix It was infamous for keeping all spectator numbers near the vest. Beau Willimon — Producer house of cards, which put Netflix’s original programming on the map — once said the company wouldn’t even share viewership metrics with it.

But within the past two years, Netflix has been much talked about in terms of the popularity of its shows and movies to help recruit talent and fuel the buzz. Netflix has added a top-trending ranking to its service so that people can watch the most popular titles streaming on Netflix in their country on any given day. And it began releasing global viewership figures for specific titles on a regular basis. The list of its most “popular” shows and movies continues to grow as a result of these hoax revelations.

But as of Wednesday, Netflix’s past popularity figures were based on a metric only used by Netflix: how many accounts watched at least two minutes of a title. The two-minute limit means that some titles are counted as “viewed” before the audience even gets to the main title sequence, and its viewers to be unverified, unsupported, and exposed without much accountability. The TV industry has long been judged to be agitated.

The new ranking site, and bringing in EY as an independent third party to confirm the numbers, is what Netflix has adopted with the most transparency of its viewership yet.

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