Although NetherReal Studio a name that is historically associated primarily with mortal Kombat franchise, the developer has worked on and worked on other franchises including the iconic and infamous injustice Play fighting. In the past, NetherRealm Studios has alternated between the two series, but as of writing fans are unsure whether the company’s next project will be one. mortal Kombat game or something injustice Play. A recent job listing may suggest that whatever job the Netherlands is working on, its next AAA title may be announced soon.

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A job advertisement has been posted on WarnerMedia Careers seeking a temporary Assistant Producer for a full-time position devoted to a new AAA title – a position based out of Chicago, Illinois, which is based in the Netherlands. with a third injustice table games and Mortal Kombat 12 But with what appears to be confirmed coming down the pipeline, it may come as no surprise to hear that the Netherlands is recruiting for a new AAA title.


According to the job ad, the new temporary assistant producer must be active in the day-to-day management of the new game, manage and track assets and tasks with set deadlines, coordinate group meetings, and “coordinate” and should act as a communication conduit for any outside vendors working on the property for assigned teams.” Although this situation is temporary, the ad makes it clear that the applicant must be prepared to put up a lot of property-fighting for marketing and media campaigns. Considering recent PR moves from the Netherlands, such as the confirmation of Ed Boon’s appearance at the DC Fandome, it looks like the company has plans to reveal a new game in the near future.

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Johnny Cage in Mortal Kombat 11

Although it is uncertain whether the new AAA game is new. mortal Kombat game or a new injustice Games, circumstantial evidence suggests Injustice 3 Can’t be revealed yet. Rumors and other job advertisements have suggested that Mortal Kombat 12 The later may be on its way sooner, which may make it a more reasonable guess. Whatever the case, it appears that the Netherlands is getting ready for a big announcement regarding their next AAA title.

Previous job listings may suggest that Mortal Kombat 12 is under development, which may explain why NetherRealm wants to hire marketing and communications personnel. New one mortal Kombat The game, coming out just two years after the last one, will be a break from NetherRealm Studios’ usual pattern, but fans of the series may be pleased to see it return early. It remains to be seen when and where the company’s new AAA game will be formally announced.

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