When it comes to video games, dragon ball g The franchise is mostly associated with the fighting game genre. The very premise of the series lends itself perfectly to the genre and has resulted in many beloved titles. Dragon Ball Z: Budokai more recent games Dragon Ball FighterZ, The series has also dabbled in several other genres such as RPG and collectible card games, but the latest to be announced will see the franchise take on the odd multiplayer genre.

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Topic Dragon Ball: The Breakers, it was already leaked on Twitter, but soon thereafter an official trailer was published online, featuring a mix of gameplay and cinematics. Simply put, the game is essentially a dragon ball horror game version dead by daylight, But instead of monsters and slashers, the surviving characters are cast in classic . should avoid dragon ball g Villain

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The trailer only featured Cell’s main villain, Cell. dragon ball gCell Saga, as he hunts down survivors and absorbs them to transform into the Perfect Cell. But publisher Bandai Namco has confirmed that players will be able to control Frieza and Buu as well. As for the survivors, they are mostly completely original characters, with the exception of dragon ball regular Bulma (especially a smaller version of him from the original dragon ball) and Oolong, which retains its ability to transform and uses it to disguise itself as various objects.

Dragon Ball: The BreakerThe premise of Seven Normal People find themselves trapped in a temporal seam, where they are hunted down by an assailant (aka villain). It is up to the survivors to escape together or alone with the Super Time Machine using their unique gimmicks and gadgets, while Raider hunts them using their abilities to destroy and transform the environment and become more powerful. does.

Bandai Namco says that players will be able to customize their characters with perks and skins, as well as choose their own path to progress. While it’s still early days, fans can probably expect a post-launch update to add more playable villains. What’s more, anyone eager to give it a try can look forward to not only its release next year, but a closed beta that Bandai Namco plans to share details with soon. The beta will only be available for PC, but the full game is releasing for multiple platforms.

Finally, the game will link with save data dragon ball xenoverse 2, Bandai Namco hasn’t revealed exactly what it will do, but it will most likely unlock unique content.

Dragon Ball: The Breakers Released in 2022 for Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Source: Bandai Namco

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