New Honda Civic Type R teased on video racing around Suzuka Circuit

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For now it’s just a prototype.

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Honda released a bunch of photos last month Next Generation Civic Type R Our best look at the upcoming hot hatch, tested at the famous Suzuka circuit in Japan. As part of its Tokyo Auto Salon showcase on Thursday, Honda released a video of the Type R at the track at Suzuka, giving us some more information.


The car is exactly the same as the one shown in the images released earlier, so there is nothing new in terms of styling that we can see. But I’d say the new Type R looks really good at speed – the wider fenders are super noticeable, the wings are awesome and the car as a whole is sleeker and less fussy than the outgoing model.

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We get a few glimpses of the interior. Like the 10th generation Type R, the upcoming 11th generation model will feature bright red fabric seats with aggressive bolting and a suede steering wheel. The trim on the door panels is covered in camo, so the Type R is likely to have carbon fiber and aluminum bits for a sportier vibe. The central infotainment screen is also dimmed, leading me to believe the system will have some sort of telemetry function.

The new Type R retains the old car’s three-exhaust-tip setup, but the tips themselves feel bigger and much cooler. And despite the techno track playing throughout the teaser video, we can hear the Type R’s exhaust note a bit and it sounds faster and better than the previous car. Sound was always one of the biggest issues with the final Type R, as it didn’t come close to matching the rowdy Hyundai Veloster N or even the Volkswagen GTI in terms of hearing pleasure, so hopefully the new Type R will solve this.

Honda says the Civic Type R will be fully unveiled later this year, and should be on sale in the US before 2022 ends. It will be a busy year for the company, Honda announced on Wednesday, adding that in 2022 The beginning of entirely new generations Accord K, CR-V, HR-V and Pilot.

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