Arboretta Games has announced that they will be releasing a new horror game for Steam later in the year. it sleeps under the haro It was teased this month with a new trailer that gives viewers a suspenseful taste of what horrors lie ahead from the indie developer. The game is set to feature a more unique atmosphere and style than Arboretta Games’ previous title.

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Arboretta Games is the project of Jamie Ferguson, an indie game developer from Scotland who is producing Cosmic Horror Games. Ferguson first developed and released The Black Iris, a short horror adventure set in northern Scotland in the 1980s. The game was praised for its unusual style and rich environment, characterized by retro 3D graphics and a warped, surreal aesthetic.


Uploaded to YouTube earlier this month, the game trailer shows a dark, moody atmosphere. Rough, gray water with a rainy beach. A forest surrounded by snowy hills lit up only with pale, blue moonlight. An eerie pink glow flashes from the lighthouse, a strange object shaking in the muddy waters below. It’s a trailer full of mystery and atmosphere, and promises to build on the style of its predecessor with custom music and sound design.

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In it sleeps under the necklacePlayers will explore Kelas Bay with its forests, caves, open water and village. With all The Black Iris, the game will take place in northeastern Scotland, but is set 25 years ago. It’s not clear if this game is meant to be a prequel to it The Black Iris, but some kind of relationship is strongly implied. Players will take on the role of a research student who travels the field to learn about “ancient natural forces” and “curious phenomena” taking place in a quiet coastal village.

it sleeps under the necklace Will come to Steam later in the year, and can be wish-listed in the meantime. According to the Steam page, it will be a short adventure game (designed for 2 hours of play) and will allow players to freely explore the area. Although the trailer depicts a solitary and isolated setting, the game will feature interactive characters and objectives to fulfill while offering some structure to the gameplay. Features expected in the game include collecting scientific data, taking pictures, and experimenting with mysterious objects.

Posting on Twitter with the handle @arboreta_games, the developer said they were “very excited” to announce the game. Fans of cosmic horror games will surely be excited to hear about this new project. it sleeps under the necklace Will release later in the year, but in the meantime, gamers can get a taste of Ferguson’s style The Black Iris, The game service is available on all income The Black Iris (Less Fee) Donating to the West Dunbartonshire Community Foodbank.

it sleeps under the necklace Will be released for PC this fall.

Source: Arboretta Games/Twitter

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