In the world of survival horror gaming, two names are often touted as the most influential in the genre, resident Evil And Silent Hill. While the former is still going, with resident evil 7 The latter has since died out, recently breaking sales records, although there are rumors that a new Wealth The game is happening. Whatever the status of these franchises, their influence is still working its way through the development world as studios continue to take cues from either or both games. And now, a new game is underway that leans toward these two fearsome behemoths.

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Called got us wrong, this new game not only takes inspiration from the likes of resident Evil And Silent Hill, but it will also affect dark Souls. What this might mean for the game in terms of how it plays out or its mechanics is anyone’s guess, as little is currently known about the story. However, the developer has posted a very brief and somewhat terrifying clip on YouTube. The teaser lasts less than 20 seconds and simply shows a man approaching a hill with a couple holding hands on top of them, both missing their heads. At the clip’s final moment, the headless creature begins to approach the one at the bottom, and then it ends.


There is no mention about when the game will be released, except that it is scheduled for sometime in 2022. There is also no mention about which platforms the game will be on, which suggests that development on the project is in an early stage. what is known about got us wrong As of now it will be built into Unreal Engine 5, which is probably the industry’s most popular game development software and is used to house an assortment of AAA and indie titles.

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It’s not uncommon for horror games to be influenced by some of the genre’s most beloved franchises, given their influence. post trauma Another indie game inspired by Silent Hill As well as other classic horror titles. However, got us wrong take a cue from dark Souls Adds to that extra intrigue. It’s impossible to say whether it will be inspired by the series’ difficulty or combat mechanics, but time will tell no doubt.

The gaming world belongs to the golden age of horror. With some of the best horror games being more psychological, while others are more prone to “jump scares”, it will be interesting to see where got us wrong and how it stacks up with some of the highly acclaimed indie horror games coming out recently.

got us wrong Currently under development and scheduled to be finished in 2022.

Source: got us wrong

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