The latest party game for Nintendo’s Switch, WarioWare: Get It Together! It has released several different mini-games for fans to duke it out, or as the game puts it, microgames. This entry takes advantage of the characters in the series, and plays to their strengths. This is demonstrated quite well in the demo WarioWare: Get It Together! By letting the player control different characters that have their own abilities that can be used to complete microgames. Whenever the player isn’t competing against their friends in a frenzied and silly competition, they can engage in an engaging single-player campaign as any of the game’s characters. However, a particular character has been theorized to be related to some important characters in its original franchise, mario.

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At the heart of this theory is the character Mona, one of the frequent fans. warioware Chain. She is a talented and fashionable high-schooler who works in many different jobs from pizza delivery girl to cheerleader and even a dancer. He’s also a microgame developer at Wario’s video game company, as he has an implied crush on her (much to the confusion). while it is solid warioware character, a fan pointed out a tiny detail in the latest entry that suggests his parents are something really iconic mario Pot.


A tweet showed a photo of Mona’s parents which can be seen in the story of the game. The picture shows a little Mona, with her parents, where her father is dressed in green while her mother is dressed in orange. These two color schemes are associated with the longtime Nintendo duo of Luigi and Daisy. Since Mona is fuzzy at high-school age, this theory implies that she is actually the future daughter of the two.

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Some physical traits make Mona similar to both Daisy and Luigi, but there are factors in her backstory that may allegedly be linked to them. Their house can be seen in the cut scene of WarioWare: Get It Together! which is similar to the one seen at the end of Luigi’s Mansion. The fact that Mona has a pizzeria has gone unnoticed, making it appear that she is giving Luigi another tie. Other factors include her father being an artist, which may have been endorsed by one of Luigi’s costumes. Mario Kart TourWhereas Daisy is actually his supermodel mom.

Now, there are many fans who do not believe that this was done intentionally. Given the unstable nature of the evidence, it is more likely that it is a reference or a string of coincidences that gave rise to this theory. It is possible that the theory is more of a joke not meant to be taken at face value. However, it’s a fun series of details that make it mario much more interesting to think about the universe than what it associates with wario Chain.

WarioWare: Get It Together! Now available for Nintendo Switch.

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