Since its release in late September, Amazon Game Studios’ New World A short grace period at launch and going through a very rough patch up as of now. The community was overjoyed with the game at launch, probably also thanks to the honeymoon effect of the newly released MMO.

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However, things began to deteriorate after players discovered a serious repetitive glitch that was not fixed until it was too late. the economy suffered greatly, and New WorldThe concurrent player count of the U.S. began to decline to such an extent that there are now only 100,000 active players compared to 900,000 active in the first week.


contributing to New WorldThe community that lost their faith in the developer were the recent changes made with the Into the Void update, which were pushed out without notice and essentially shut down the entire Endgame experience. Players were unhappy with it and shared feedback with Amazon, but the following patch did nothing to help. The most recent patch included more nerfs, and it changed the way New World Players can obtain Motes, removing them from elemental creatures’ loot pools.

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What the community considers to be the last nail in the coffin is that New WorldThe next patch is going to introduce a specialization value to determine the highest drops of players in terms of gear score, like a watermark. However, from next year onwards, the specialization value will also determine the effectiveness of all gear, in the sense that having a given specialization value for any slot means that all items with a gear score higher than this will reduce their value to the expertise level. Will give , This would make many players much weaker than they currently are, and it would be a huge disadvantage to crafting.

A Reddit user by the name of metawaterspirit shared the news on the forum, and players quickly noticed that all the gear from the trading post would now be worthless. New WorldKey’s crafting system needs some improvement, but with this change, crafting high-end gear won’t be a worthwhile way to have better gear unless players already have their expertise level maxed out, essentially Quickly reduce prices on all crafted items. ,

Despite the fact that Amazon is committed to fighting bots New WorldBotting isn’t a top priority on the players list at this point, and continuing to ignore the community’s feedback may do more harm than good. core infrastructure of New World Not really in bad shape, and with the right changes, the game can flourish once again.

New World Now available on PC.

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