New WorldAmazon’s developers are working hard to improve the MMO. The team has also announced its first server merger for December 8th, which is likely to be one of many that will follow. However, soon after New World It will receive a December update and will be accompanied by a special holiday event. However, ahead of its arrival, Amazon has removed the temporary December update on its Public Test Environment servers. It has also shared patch notes for the update, which will have more than a dozen new perks players will be able to access.

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Fourteen new perks appear to have been introduced New World In its December patch. The perk seems to be targeting several different niche areas. For example, there are a number of new benefits that improve collect efficiency, offensive benefits that will reduce the effectiveness of an opponent’s healing, benefits that improve fully charged attacks or attacks with active grit. There are, and also such advantages, that reduce losses from various sources.


It looks like the range of new benefits has been targeted by Amazon to address very specific lines of feedback. New World players. it is not unusual to see New World Players are frustrated with how long it takes to collect, the inability to deal with healing in PvP, the high risk and low reward of grit and charged attacks, or the lack of defensive perks for tanks. These new allowances will provide New World Players make some intense customization to the gear they wear.

New features added to the new world in the December patch From

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Perks, for those unfamiliar, are abilities that are attached to weapons and pieces of armor. Each item can have between zero and three perks depending on its quality. For example, Normal-quality items have zero perks, while Epic-quality items have three. Weapons and armor can also have gem slots, with gems that each provide a specific perk for better customization. suffice to say, New World Players spend a lot of time acquiring gear with the right benefits.

The new perks definitely aren’t coming in the December patch. The PRT patch notes also contain detail changes including a major change to PvP combat, with Amazon rewriting the formula for PvP damage due to higher damage mitigation issues with lower level players. several of New WorldK weapons have also been adjusted or known bugs have been fixed for the December patch.

The biggest addition to the December Update, of course, will be New WorldWinter convergence event. Snow will fall more often, the northern lights will appear in the sky, and the land of the yeti, the winter wanderer, will appear suitable for visiting New World, Players will be able to collect Winter Tokens throughout the event, which can be exchanged at Holiday Shops for unique cosmetics. that would be fine New World Players have some new content to keep the MMO fresh, as well as continuous improvements, all from Amazon.

New World Now available on PC.

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