New World A controversial, yet less than commercially successful release. Amidst a myriad of game-breaking bugs, glitches, and exploits, Amazon Game Studios has navigated utterly through the game’s post-launch phase. probably the most harmful to the state New World There has been a frequent reappearance of fake glitches that allowed players to sabotage the game’s economy. The decision of the development team to reduce of the new world The housing tax is directly tied to the latest of those developments.

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After closing trading positions in New World To counter the effects of deception for the third time, as well as the game’s money transfer system, this has left many players without a means to reliably pay rent for their homes, being deprived of a stable income. In response, Amazon Game Studios has chosen to temporarily and dramatically reduce the housing tax in Ethereum by up to 90%.


This tax deduction will be effective till of the new world December Update, by which time the fraud exploits and damage to the state of the game will be reversed or a solution to continually restore the New World economy is implemented. Amazon Game Studios has also apologized to players affected by the recent issues.

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In addition to reducing the housing tax, the development team has also increased the company’s income. New World Promising homeowners more means of compensation in future patches to address the problem, with the intention of preventing loss of income until the December update.

Players have expressed their disdain at the inconsistency with which Amazon Game Studios has handled the issues that surfaced New World The exhaustion in waiting since its launch, as well as the development team, has made Ethereum an enjoyable world to call home with an experience uninterrupted by frustrating bugs and malicious gameplay. in particular, among them of the new world The player base who has dabbled in the game’s crafting system has made the connection that this temporary solution containing trading trophies won’t be possible until the December update at the earliest.

No one yet knows how Amazon Game Studios will address the duplicate crisis that has plagued of the new world But some playerbases have bitterly suggested that the housing tax would increase dramatically as a means of reducing the artificial amount of gold injected into the economy. Although the reduction in housing tax has been a welcome change for the players, it is clear that they have not received it happily.

New World Now available on PC.

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