Holiday events have historically been imperative in MMOs, providing a sense of a living world that changes with the seasons, while simultaneously keeping the content fresh. New World, so far, the holidays have not fully lived up to the expectations. Its Halloween offerings left much to be desired, though it was only a month after launch and Amazon had other priorities. Looking ahead, New World Looks like there are big plans for the winter season.

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In an interview with PCGamesN, New World Sports director Scott Lane provided some insight into Amazon’s seasonal plans for the MMO. When asked whether Amazon is considering seasonal changes to account for the content decline in the future, Lane answered in the affirmative. Furthermore, when asked if the developers are going ahead with those plans, Lane again replied, “Yes.” Lane also confirmed, disappointingly, that he hasn’t been able to share much about those plans. However, he offered New World The players tease a tantrik.


Lane gives a figurative wink and nods, “Winter is a great time for festivals.” Suffice it to say, Lane is telling New World Players should expect that they should eventually initiate some sort of winter or holiday event in the MMO. It can be as thin as a Halloween store bundle or it can be a full-fledged MMO event with holiday cheer spread all over the world. New World Players will just have to wait and see.

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While Lane doesn’t explicitly mention it, there should actually be an asterisk attached to her tease. that’s because New World It is currently dealing with various issues, including the upcoming and much needed server merge, gold duplication exploits that stalled the MMO economy, and other pressing problems. This means that Amazon has its hands full, which could lead to changes in plans. Anything is possible when the game situation is in turmoil.

Even though Amazon could theoretically postpone holiday content to focus on fixing any current serious issues, it would likely be a last resort. As an MMO, even without a subscription, New World There is a need to rapidly create fresh content to keep players engaged. Otherwise, players will play something else that contains new content.

With the end of November, it is only a matter of time before New World Any plans for winter break would be expected to be shared. In fact, Land’s willingness to mention potential winter festivities could mean that an announcement is coming soon. New World Players will surely be eagerly waiting to move forward.

New World Now available on PC.

Source: pcgameno

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