When New World Was First released, the game took the MMORPG genre by storm, and Steam had countless players rushing to play. The game was so popular among fans that New World Servers were struggling with the growth of players, so Amazon Studios took a number of precautions to make the game accessible to everyone.

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However, despite the positive aspects of the game, a large percentage of the player base has begun to change its tune. recently, New World Reviews on Steam have reached an overall mixed rating, with only 69% positive out of a total of 176,390 reviews for the game.


Many are blaming the patch for the game’s decline New World, Those who have done things like nerfing core mechanics and slowing down mote drops from creatures. These slow and gradual changes have, among other reasons, caused the number of players to drop from an all-time peak of 913,027 to just 100,000 players this month.

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New World Steam PlayerBase

Some of the top reviews on Steam provide more reasons why players are upset with the game’s current state. At first, gamers feel as though the recent troubling patch New World Rather than a dedicated player base as a whole, popular content has reflected the opinions of creators and streamers. On top of this, he felt that developers had created endgame leveling methods to fuel the more grueling farming process of player gear, which is an issue as many have considered it taxing to begin with. .

Some of the other reasons that are listed, and are more well known by the player base, are countless. New World Glitches and bugs that have seriously hampered the player experience. While players understand that the all-new MMO has bugs that will be fixed soon, it still gets a lot more enjoyment from the game. Gamers have also noted that faction power imbalances are also a major problem in the game, with one server entirely owned by one company. Unfortunately, they fear as if there is no solution in sight.

new world steam review

Nevertheless, there has been a recent surge in positive reviews by players, so there may be a possibility of the game coming back. However, some are skeptical and the reason is the Steam Awards review achievement. Most of the posts in those days were from people who haven’t played that much game in the last two weeks. Whatever the case, there are still plenty of issues that Amazon Studios needs to fix if the company is to keep the game in the good qualities of its remaining players.

New World Now available on PC.

New World Customization Transmog System Character Creation Appearance Change In-Game Store Barbershop
The new world needs a transmog system and character appearance changes

Despite New World being an MMO, it still lacks extensive features like a transmog system and the ability to change a character’s appearance in-game.

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