New World The race is far from over, and players are easily becoming familiar with its ins and outs. For the most part this means looking for who New World What armor sets are best, which areas are death traps, and how not to be duped.

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However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to avoid that last part. New World Experience. Players are exposed to many problems New WorldAll the best resources, from lack of visual polish to server problems, to hogging bots at farming sites. But what could have been responsible for a bigger problem in the game’s design is.


The problem is with companies, New WorldGuild equivalent. A company is a player-owned and operated organization that can control territories, tax the players there, and wage war with other companies in the area. is under one of each company New Worldof three groups. The company’s money is kept in its treasury, which can only be accessed by the company’s leader (governor). So access it they are: they’re taking all the money out of the company, pocketing it, and running. One player reported this happening on Reddit, and similar stories poured in like a flood.

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new world company rebellion request

The original post describes an incident in a server at the most vulnerable guild, where the governor and his close friends took money and transferred it to secondary game accounts under the banner of a different faction. No one could find them or the money they had stolen. Similar stories were immediately reported, with a group of thieves taking it a step further. The ex-governor founded a new company, then declared war on his old company, while his friends (still consuls in the old company) chose their weakest members for defense. Needless to say, the thieves won. This problem has suddenly become one of the most needed fixes New World.

Obviously the players want to do something about this, with the most common idea being to impose a number of sanctions for offenders. But considering how New World With server transfers pushed back and Amazon already reneging on promises about the game, those restrictions can’t come soon enough. The Amazon may just have bigger fish to fry.

While players express sympathy for the scandal, many also find the situation hilarious, and it is difficult to blame them. It’s such an easy exploit that it’s surprising no one saw it coming. New WorldThat, it seems, is pretty accurate to the feel of being a colonist: players are using resources (with bots) and exploiting each other as much as possible, then running away when there’s nothing left.

New World is out now for pc.

Source: reddit

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