New World Has become a hot topic among some of its players, which can only be expected from the latest MMORPG on the block. Players are learning what makes the game tick and what hidden secrets New World has to offer.

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Unfortunately, while there is a lot of land and resources to obtain New World, it lacks some of the features that players expect from such a big game. One of these resources that players are missing out on is a mini-map, so some enterprising pioneers decided to do something about it.


One player posted a video to Reddit explaining that, fed up with not knowing where things are in the city, he created his own mini-map. Located mostly comfortably above the devices shown in the bottom left of the screen, it clings a bit but does its job. The video shows mini-maps that accurately depict the immediate surroundings, with icons depicting distinct locations on the landscape as well as clearly defined streets. It also has a zoom function, which is handy for finding specific things to do in the city. it’s not exactly one New WorldHas hidden features, but it’s definitely a useful one.

I don’t always pay attention to where things are in towns, so my friend and I made a minimap to help From

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The second part of the short video shows that the mini-map works even outside the city. While the screen is somewhat of a constraint, it certainly feels more convenient than not having one. The answers to the post refer to the fact that other players are implementing their own mini-maps as well, suggesting multiple approaches. The mini-map displayed in the video is available for others to use, although it requires an addon. One player lamented the fact that this could lead to a ban on players, which also led to player complaints, including moaning. New Worldat the time of maintenance.

This is just another addition to the growing list of things to do. New World The player’s ingenuity against the game’s system or other player-created problems. Also on that list are the fast travel, bizarre fighting styles, and dying to use boar to kill fishing bots.

As good as all this is, it also highlights the number of problems players have to deal with on a regular basis. New World And the number of requests to Amazon for more features. Those requests have the power to rebel against one’s own faction, because of the bad practices already being enforced by controlling companies.

New World Now available on PC.

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