New WorldThe journey hasn’t been smooth since launch, and over the past six weeks a mix of glitches and design issues have caused a bit of turmoil within the community. One of the most game-breaking issues was the glitch that allowed players to cheat gold and materials infinitely, which the community still suffers due to the inflated economy. However, Amazon is doing its best to keep the game studio community up to date with future plans and things going to change in the short term, as the PTR patch shows.

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In the first few weeks, there was little or no comment about Amazon’s situation. New World, and players took it as another sign that the developer wasn’t going to do anything about the game. This was proven wrong long ago, however, when servers were at capacity. New World was released, and so Amazon introduced more servers to tackle the problem in just two days. Then, the developer revealed a lot about the impact of the gold duplication glitch and what it plans to do to deal with fraudsters and exploiters, who have been given permanent bans in many cases.


A Reddit user by the name of chr1s003 shared a post on the platform saying how happy they are about being so interactive with Amazon Game Studios players, including a link that leads to the Dev Tracker part. New World Forum. It shows how many messages the developer regularly sends out in response to player concerns about anything, including other unknown glitches, or even what the plans are for the coming weeks. This type of communication is one that can keep New World Stay alive through the coming months as things adjust and current issues in the game are resolved.

New World Dev and Community Manager Communication and quick turnaround are excellent! From

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Communicating with Amazon New World Players and fans are great because it means the developer cares, and the community managers are doing a good job tracking issues and reporting back to developers to fix them. However, there is still a lot of negativity within the community at the moment, and this is because some players believe that any changes made now are too little, too late.

One example comes from the fact that many New World Players are asking to merge the servers as soon as the number of players goes down. Some servers are actually much less populated than others, and that’s quite a hassle for a game that’s designed to excel when played by multiple people. Still, there is hope, and Amazon has proven that time and time again.

New World Now available on PC.

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