New World Amazon Games has the latest offering in the form of MMORPGs, and like Amazon’s previous titles, it’s not doing very well. On top of players exploiting the game’s system and other players using bots, they also shut down Amazon. New Worldeconomy and trading post.

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This freeze came after players discovered and shared an exploit that broke a lot of rules New World, It lets players send pictures over chat, kick players smartly and, most importantly, fake gold. This is a huge problem for any MMORPG, and now New World This is the second time in a month this problem.

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This is right, New WorldKey trading posts have been disabled again, and this is once again due to a duplication glitch. This time, the dupers figured out how to imitate the pieces of furniture in the game. That in itself sounds harmless enough, but it lets players mimic trophies: pieces of furniture that provide great fondue. Both of these were replicated for amateurs and the players got huge amounts of gold from selling trophies. The economy collapsed again in no time, so Amazon once again added to the economy including trading positions, sending currency to other players, guild treasuries, and player-to-player trading. Players are not taking it properly.

The fact that this is the second time the economy has crashed due to duplication has players taking up arms and calling for dupers to be permanent. His confirmation that players will not stop copying if not permanently banned appears to be well-founded, as the first time gold was struck. New World was not taken as a lesson. Players were banned then too, but they are back now and still cheating.

It’s really unbelievable New World Gold is still plagued by fraud, and players have a right to be furious for now. The game they paid full price for is being decimated by fraudsters, Amazon can’t fix the problems, and those responsible are being let back with a slap on the wrist.

To be fair, there’s only so much Amazon can do in this situation. A ton of players take advantage of the repetitive mess, and it’s hard to track them all down. on top of it, New WorldIts playerbase is falling, so Amazon probably wants everyone, even cheaters, to keep up with the number of games they play.

New World Now available on PC.

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