New World Up and running, and players are already learning what it does. This includes learning what to craft first New World, how best to grind, and how to deal with both server problems and bots.

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However, among all the troubles the players are facing is not New World stems from technical problems or technical exploitation. No, some of them stem directly from problems and exploits built into the game’s system. A prime example is companies, how players are deeply dissatisfied with how they operate and interact with the sector and players, and how companies have no way of expressing dissatisfaction with the companies.


Companies are a subset of factions, which are an integral part of the game. Although three factions are created in the game itself as part of the story, the companies are player-created, player-owned, and player-driven. They have free reign over their settlement and its territory, including how many players in that city can be taxed. Obviously some companies are setting those taxes high enough to feed company owners while players in their area struggle with bots at fishing spots. As such, players want the ability to rebel against companies.

Right now, players don’t have the option to rebel against their faction, or more specifically, against companies under their faction. While it is possible to switch factions and settle under a new company, these processes take both time and resources, and players are losing both in the meantime. It has been suggested that players be able to rebel against and depose companies that are bad performers, levy high taxes to pocket their governors and so on. This despair runs a little deeper than things like this New World Gear clipping through each other as it directly affects gameplay and resources.

Other options exist at this point, such as towns bordering with bad companies that lack resources, but require the coordination and cooperation of many players who do not have companies of their own. no one wants common New World Mistake of settling in the wrong place to bother them all game.

This, by all accounts, must be a complaint that Amazon handles, or it could poison the community against the game’s mechanics, and for each other. New Worldof lifecycle. However, Amazon has already backtracked on the promise. New World, so expecting more than this right now may be too much asking.

New World is out now for pc.

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