New World rolls back EU server after accidentally showering players with gold

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New World’s central EU servers have been taken down for several hours after Amazon Games accidentally gifted up to 300,000 gold to several players.

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The rollback was announced after a long maintenance period, in which the entire server was shut down a few hours after the gold was sent out. According to the development team, the compensation was originally being rolled out as a catch-up for people who lost gold through an in-game tax.

“Following our patch this morning, a separate database revision was executed in the EU to provide catch-up funds for players affected by in-game tax losses since the November feature release,” developer Lane wrote in a statement. forum post, “This database change has accidentally given a large amount that does not reflect the intended amount.”

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As expected, those who found themselves floating in cash went ahead and spent it, according to Lane, “often buying large quantities of items from the trading post”. While the team looked at ways to rectify the mistake, Lane said the only option was to roll back the server just before the database revision went live.

While the servers are back now, Trading Post had to be disabled as that particular database is taking longer to update. “We’re already a work in progress on this, but the full time isn’t necessary yet,” Lane explained. “Once completed, all contracts will be reinstated and trading posts open again. This will not require a patch, but may require a brief restart.”

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Amazon Games said anyone who moved just before the server downtime is getting a “character_restore_failure” error right now, which the team is currently trying to fix.

It has been a wild ride to the new world. It seems that whenever one problem is solved, another rears its ugly head. From duplication of gold to using chat to crash the game, teething problems are obvious.

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