Amazon’s MMO New World continues to be quite popular, consistently topping 130,000 concurrent players on Steam. In spite of that, New World It has gone through some growing pains to reach this point. A massive wave of players at launch has spread over time, with free server transfers moving players away from low-pop servers, necessitating an initial server merger. Over the past month, Amazon has promised just that. Now, New WorldThe developer of those servers is ready to start merging.

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In an announcement made on Friday, Amazon confirmed that the first servers for the merger New World Will be on 8th December. two servers within New WorldOn that date the EU Central Server Clusters, Mardi and Britia, will be merged. For the time being, Amazon has locked both the servers in preparation for the merger, so that no player’s data is lost in the transition. The players themselves would not be affected by the merger, although Mardi’s ownership of the arena and contracts would be abandoned in favor of the current status quo in Britia.


Curiously, neither Mardi nor Britia are among the least populated of the EU Central New World servers, as they are actually among the healthiest servers in the EU Central. Combined together there has the potential to be one of the top 10-20 healthiest servers in EU Central. There are about 200 servers within EU Central, as it is easily the largest region. New World And dropping or relocating players has caused the most damage. As such, Mardi and Britia seem like prime candidates for Amazon’s first live merger.

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New World Mardi Britia Server Merger Announced

Depending on how Mardi and Britia merge, Amazon will be able to draw many different conclusions. For one, server mergers may or may not work as planned for a decently sized server population. In addition, Amazon will see if the servers flourish after the merger. If this is successful, it could speed up the server merge going forward.

As mentioned, Mardi and Britia are nowhere near EU Central’s least populated servers. Legitimately hundreds of servers need to be merged into all New Worldareas of. and then once it was done, there were multiple mergers New World The servers will need to be merged again. It’s going to be a long process, and Amazon has its work cut out for itself.

For now though, New World Players can keep a close eye on Mardi’s merger with Britia to see if Amazon’s process meets all expectations. It will run until 7:00 AM PT/10: 00 AM ET on December 8th. It is always possible that the merge will not proceed as expected, but it is a necessary first step for future health. New World,

New World Now available on PC.

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