week of New WorldThe launch saw servers overwhelmed with hundreds of thousands of players. With servers filling up and queue times steadily increasing, developer Amazon told players that they should create characters on open servers and that server transfers would be provided quickly. Unfortunately, New World The server transfer didn’t come that week. Nor will they arrive this week, Amazon has now confirmed. Amazon hopes to provide New World Server transfers take place the following week instead, although they now come with serious limitations on their usage.

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In a post shared on the official New World As the forums’ community manager TravzorFTW points out, Amazon has delayed its plans to implement server transfers. Development on the feature is ongoing, but TravzorFTW explains that it has discovered “some edge cases” that do not meet the team’s standards. As such, Amazon is taking extra time to resolve these issues before they are released. New WorldServer transfer system for the masses. The current schedule is tentatively planning for server transfers available next week.


For some time now, Amazon has provided an FAQ of sorts that gives information about the server transfer process. It’s disappointingly limited compared to the initial plans. For one, Amazon no longer plans to offer the free New World Server transfer window of two weeks. Instead, Amazon will offer each player a free Server Transfer Token. Once it is used, players will have to pay if they want to move the server again.

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New World addresses server transfer plans

In addition, Amazon has confirmed that it will not allow the servers to be moved to the “full world”. For the last one week, Amazon has flagged off many people. New World Servers are full so they no longer accept new characters – even if those servers are often well below the server cap. It seems that several servers have been reopened at once. Players are sure to be disappointed, as they will be barred from transferring to any of the import servers. Only sparsely populated servers will remain open, and this goes against Amazon’s initial promise on server transfers.

Another important broken promise is that server transfers will not be allowed in all regions. Amazon says players will only be able to transfer between servers within their region. This means that players hoping to transfer between US West and US East will not be able to. Transfers between the EU and North America, as well as between APAC and South America servers, will also be blocked.

Suffice to say, Amazon has a true nuisance on its hands. New World Players were content to wait so long until they got the server transfer options they were promised. Now, however, the delay has only exacerbated the issue. After investing weeks of playing in their characters, in many cases, players will no longer be able to connect with their friends. While the technical limitations are understandable, New World Players are more reasonable than ever to ask how things went so wrong.

New World Now available on PC.

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