to say that New WorldAmazon’s flagship MMO, the start would be an understatement. Even though it saw a very successful launch, attracting more than 900,000 concurrent players on Steam, gamebreaking issues and glitches have plagued the game ever since — and this time, the game’s exploits of the coin transfer system forced Amazon to shut down. forced to do. of the new world Trading Post, as well as the coin transfer system, for the third time.

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The exploit allowed players to creatively manipulate the game mechanics with the aim of duplicating (or duplicating) hard-to-craft items to sell at the game’s trading posts for exorbitant prices, and in this case uniquely. Since then, dupers have used it to duplicate the trophy.

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In Aternum, the fictional colonial-era setting New WorldTrophies are items attached to the game’s housing system that provide the player with powerful passive bonuses that remain active in every area of ​​the game. Players can display up to five different trophies in each of their houses and are generally considered an expensive and valuable boon.

NS New World Players who discovered the exploit claim they initially shared it with Amazon’s developer team, but were forced to go public after their previous attempts to do so fell on deaf ears. Unsurprisingly, this caused an uproar among ardent fans of the game on the game’s official forums and the developers took quick action by temporarily shutting down the game. of the new world whole economy until the problem is fixed.

In view of the decision to disable of the new world Trading post systems, PlayerBase has either mourned the game’s shaky state or denounced Amazon Game Studios’s increasingly duplicative community. New World, In previous incidents of this nature, Amazon’s punishments given to responsible players amounted to little more than a 24-hour ban. Given how quickly unchecked cheats can sabotage an MMO’s economy, it’s not an unreasonable stance to expect developers to take a tougher stance on punishing dupers—such as permanent them from the game. Violently banning, or at the very least, removing them from the bad stuff.

To the credit of Amazon Game Studios, they have had open and consistent communication. of the new world playerbase and it has become clear that they share a passion and willingness to help New World Reach your true potential.

Fans of the game seem to be united in the idea that New World has the foundation to be an engaging MMO, and in fact, popular Twitch streamers such as Asmongold share this view, but until a time when Amazon Game Studios will do something like this. Major bug fixes. , the players’ time at Aeternum will be regretfully interrupted by them.

New World Now available on PC.

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