New World’s Steam rating drops to “mixed” as more fans leave more negative reviews

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The overall user score for MMO New World has gone from “Mostly Positive” to “Mixed”.

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by review rating SteamOf the reviews added in the past 30 days, only 61 percent are positive – meaning one in three players are less happy with the MMO’s recent changes.

A look through the review page reveals plenty of reasons why the game’s popularity is waning, but most are unhappy with the changes to the game’s “grinding” economy, while others remain disappointed with the MMO’s bountiful bugs (thanks, player,


“I have 280+ hours in this game as of writing,” wrote A troubled player. “I started on day 2 or 3, basically as soon as launch day queues settled down. I play on Utensia, a good middle-pop server (~1,000 players peak, no queues) all factions are viable. I level up is capped, has a high gear score watermark, i’m an executive of a pvp company that owns the arena, and runs all the end-game stuff (battle, assault, raid, pvp arena). i’m at the end of the rainbow. gold It’s just a minor glitch, unfulfilled promises, and the devs are busy working to implement server transfers to actually fix the game.

“Many features are broken. Many systems are broken. Servers are dying. Bottom line: The game isn’t over and you’re already late to the party. Save your money.”

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At the time he wrote the review, the player had spent 291 hours in the new world, but is apparently still playing – the total number of hours on record now exceeds 512.

Another player – this one with a record of 823 hours – said: “Started out fine, it looked like there were just a few bugs they needed to fix but it’s a complete mess that keeps getting worse with every ‘update’.”

It’s not all bad for the New World, though.

“Lately a lot of people have been complaining about New World. It’s definitely dealing with issues, but as someone who played MMOs in the ’99/early 2000s, every MMOs have bugs and issues.” writing Jaymo

“I am enjoying the game very much, and the developers have been very actively tackling issues and being much more transparent about it than I expected, which is a good thing. Not all companies have been this communication or proactive in the past. In dealing with the issues of your MMOs after release.

“Overall, this has been the most fun I’ve had with an MMO since the early WoW, and I’ve played quite a bit since then.”

The updates and promises come after several issues for New World players, including A feat that crashed the game every time someone sent a picture – or worse – through its global chat client, resulting in “unclean behavior”. Amazon was also recently forced to increase server capacity. for every world in an effort to reduce new world queue time, and as recently as a few weeks ago, players were once again reporting that Playing New World was bricking the GPU, although Amazon has strongly denied the claims.

ICYMI, Amazon Games’ New World has dropped nearly half of its one million player base since its launch a month ago, An analysis of freely available data on Steamcharts shows that the MMO has been losing around 135,000 players a week since its launch in late September, at which time it reached an impressive concurrent player peak of 913,027 players on October 3. Gaya.

If you’re just getting started with Amazon’s new games, visit our new world factions Guide for full details of the groups you can join.

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