give importance to, the tactical team shooter released by Riot Games in 2020, revealed a new agent named Neon on January 7. Like many other agents released for the game, give importance to Players look to his kit to find out what makes this new character. What they found was something that could break the game.

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early playtesters are experimenting with the agent, and some give importance to Players have found that his fast pace is too high for a game that focuses on precision and positioning. In a clip that Team Liquid streamer AverageJonas posted to Twitter, he shows how the Neon’s sprint capability can yield an unexpected speed boost when paired with the Sage’s wall capability. In response to that post, he also approaches the player he uses the exploit.


However, this is not the only exploitation. In another clip posted by Reddit user Menadi, he is able to chase down Agent Yurou, whose ultimate ability is to run fast, as well as be invincible and invisible as long as he is no longer close to an enemy agent. could. Using Neon’s sprint ability, Menadi is able to chase down enemy Yurou and kill him. One character’s regular ability to be as good as another character’s final is generally considered broken by most players in competitive games.

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It’s not unheard of for new give importance to Agents should be considered broken at launch. A lot of players complained about it give importance to Agent Killjoy when she first appeared. Riot developer, Ryan ‘Rycox’ Cusart, has said that the wall sliding exploit shown in the aforementioned AvarageJonas clip will be patched out, and Riot may still make changes to the character when Agent is in beta.

there is no need of give importance to The thing about competitive games that players panic right now is that they are always patched. Even if Neon isn’t supposed to be right upon release, there are always patches that may come later if players still have problems with it in the future. The best competitive players can always find a way to work around characters considered broken.

Of course, there’s always the chance for Riot to keep a character unbalanced. Some players are asking Riot to take a look at the replacement give importance to She has been considered a staple in the meta for the past year after Agent Jet. New characters in competitive games always have the opportunity to shake up the meta, and maybe Neon is the change the game needs.

give importance to is out now for PC, and Riot has announced plans to release a mobile version sometime in the future.

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