Next-generation Apple device delayed until 2023, claims new report

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Apple’s unannounced, unproven thing has been unofficially delayed to an unannounced later date, unnamed sources said Friday — and the cost of the new device is skyrocketing, as well.

Apple has been secretly digging into hot new technology for several years, according to anonymous leakers often cited in obscure technology reports. A series of invalid and unverified stories support the idea that Apple is deeply invested in new technology, taking advantage of esoteric anonymous technical jargon to create an entirely new class – though in reality it is entirely Kind of unclear.


But due to unforeseen manufacturing challenges, Apple won’t be able to meet an internal, unannounced shipping deadline — meaning fans of the uncertain tech will be forced to wait before buying it.

“Apple Inc. is considering pushing back the debut of its brand new device by at least a few months, potentially delaying its first major new product since the Apple Watch in 2015, according to people familiar with the situation.” has been,” claims the loosely backed report. , The report further claims, “This could push the announcement to the end of 2022 or later, with the product hitting shelves by 2023.”

Citing an unavailable analyst report, related reports reportedly pointed out that supply chain issues in China were affecting the capacity of an undisclosed supplier, leading to challenges in bringing the new technology to market. The often-cited analyst behind the report believed that the next-generation tech device would cost at least 10% to increase — and that the increase would not affect device sales.

“We believe there is still a huge market for this device,” the analyst reportedly said, predicting sales of 15 to 20 million units in the first year alone.

When pressed for comment, an Apple spokesperson declined to be named on the record and neither confirmed nor denied the report. On background, the unnamed spokesperson implied that Apple is always investigating new technologies, a vague fact they declined to substantiate and declined to elaborate on any further.

We will continue to monitor the situation and update this story as new details emerge.

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