Next Windows 11 update brings back Clippy, along with other redesigned emoji

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We’re almost two months away from the public release of Windows 11, and Microsoft is still slowly updating bits and pieces of the operating system that weren’t quite ready in early October. Microsoft announces redesigned emoji back in july, and the next Windows Update (version 22000.348, if you’re tracking this sort of thing) Adds those emoji to Windows 11,

The new emoji removes the bold, black outline from Windows 10-era designs and changes the color and shape of some to better match the glyphs from Apple, Google and Samsung—compare the new design. spiral shell For example, for the old. There are some lovely Microsoft-specific touches too, like a Clippy design for the Paperclip emoji, though. ninja cat It seems to have been completely removed.

A selection of older Windows 10-style emoji (left) and Windows 11 redesigns.  The new versions omit the thick outline, so they all look lighter and brighter now.

These emoji use the basic designs that Microsoft showed off earlier this year – but without animation or “3D” touch, such as added depth and color gradients. ledge guessed that it’s a limit vector graphics format Microsoft uses to display emoji in Windows—using vector graphics can reduce file size, while it’s very easy to scale up and down the size of an emoji without losing sharpness or detail, but it doesn’t work in flat colors. Works best with . We are yet to see 3D animated emoji in other Microsoft apps, such as Teams.

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If you install the optional November 2021 cumulative update for Windows 11 from Windows Update, you can now get the new emoji designs; That update will automatically install next month. Windows 10 users will not get the new emoji designs.

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