NFL eliminating Wonderlic test from draft process

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According to a memo, the NFL is eliminating Wonderlic testing from the pre-draft process AP. received by,

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Why this matters: IQ tests have long been controversial lack of correlation Between a player’s score and his NFL success. Some also believe that it has an inherent racial bias, like many standardized tests.

Background: In 1936, EF Wonderlic developed a 12-minute, 50-question (multiple choice) test to measure cognitive ability in math, vocabulary, and reasoning.

  • soon, The test was adopted by the US Navy to help select candidates for pilot training and navigation.
  • in the 1970s, The legendary Cowboys coach Tom Landry began using it to evaluate players. His team’s success inspired others to follow suit until it became standard practice throughout the league.

Best / Worst Score:

  • Best: perfect 50 (P Pat McInly, 1975); 49 (DE Mike Mamula, 1995); 48 (WR Kevin Curtis, 2003; QB Ryan Fitzpatrick, 2005; TE Ben Watson, 2004)
  • worst: 6 (QB Vince Young, 2006; RB Frank Gore, 2005; QB Oscar Davenport, 1999); 5 (S. Ed ​​Prather, 2001); 4 (RB Darren Davis, 2000; CB Morris Claiborne, 2012)

Take a sample of Wonderlic and see how you perform,

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