NFTs coming to Ghost Recon Breakpoint as in-game items

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These three items will arrive at the Ghost Recon breakpoint as NFTs that the owner can sell.

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Blockchain evangelists have long envisioned a time where NFT technology is used to make you Really You own the weapons, armor, and skins in the video game you play. This is not just an abstraction of the principle, but will allow you to sell your items to anyone wanting to buy it, or even trade them in for weapons or skins from another game . This is no longer a distant fantasy. Ubisoft is making this a reality with the introduction of NFTs in the Ghost Recon breakpoint on Thursday.


In the largest experiment with blockchain technology by any major gaming company, Ubisoft will bring three items to the 2019 squad shooter Ghost Recon Breakpoint, which are designed to act as NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, which the company ” Digits”. Each will be issued in limited numbers and will be built on the Tezos blockchain, which a small fraction is needed of the energy used to operate the more popular Ethereum blockchain.

There will be a gun, a helmet, and a pair of leg armor to begin with. The Ghost Recon breakpoint will have more NXT gear in 2022, the company said.

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Several gaming giants have expressed interest in integrating cryptocurrencies, or NFTs, into their titles. EA CEO Calls Blockchain Games “future of our industrySquare Enix experimented with NFTs Sale of a set attached to its Million Arthur online card game And plans to integrate the technology into more of its games, CEO of Take-Two Interactive, which publishes Grand Theft Auto, said that they have a “great faith” in the digital ownership afforded by NFTs, But with Digit’s integration into Ghost Recon Breakpoint, a AAA game that’s part of a major franchise, Ubisoft is diving deeper into blockchain technology than any major gaming company before.

To aid its NFT ambitions, Ubisoft has set up a platform called Quartz. This is where players will be able to shield their NFTs – for which you’ll need a digital wallet like MetaMask. Points will be free to mint (for now), but you’ll need to meet certain criteria in order to earn the rights. To gain access to any of the points unveiled by Ubisoft on Tuesday, you need to be at least level 5 in the Ghost Recon breakpoint. Once all available points have been claimed, the only way to score them would be to buy them from another player.

Once you own an NFT, you’ll be able to use it in-game like any other item. If you want to sell or swap it out, you can do so through a secondary market – like buying a device in real life and selling it on eBay. OpenSea, currently the largest NFT market, will not be eligible to host Ubisoft’s points, as OpenSea does not currently support NFTs on the Tezos blockchain. Ubisoft chose Tezos over Ethereum, the blockchain on which most NFTs are built, because Tezos is significantly more energy efficient.

“A transaction on their network [Tezos] Ubisoft’s Blockchain Technical Director Didier Genevois said, “30 seconds of video uses the same amount of energy as streaming, whereas previous-generation blockchain networks can consume the energy needed for a year’s worth of non-stop streaming.” ” “This low carbon footprint means that both our developers and our players can prioritize innovation without compromising on sustainability.”

Ubisoft is implementing some restrictions on its points. Each wallet would be restricted to holding only one of each point, a measure that would prevent wealthy players from purchasing the entire supply of rare points. Only players over the age of 18 using Ubisoft’s Connect PC client will be eligible to turn off Quartz.

Digital ownership is one of two ways blockchain enthusiasts have predicted that gaming will be replaced by blockchain technology. The second is the advent of “earning to play” (P2E) games, where playing and completing tasks earn you a cryptocurrency that can be used to make purchases within that game’s ecosystem – or bitcoin and more. Can be traded for mainstream cryptocurrencies like Ether. The most prominent example is Axie Infinity, a Pokémon-esque game. With over 2 million daily active users,

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