Nightwing gets a new costume

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DC Nightwing artist Bruno Redondo has revealed a newly redesigned suit for Dick Grayson’s superhero persona.

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Redondo, which shows the series running alongside writer Tom Taylor, posted an image on twitter Thursday afternoon and DC released more images later in the day.


The redesign comes as part of the creative duo’s well-received run on the title which began in March 2021. Nightwing #78 Dick’s memories are fully restored after a long-running story arc after he was shot in the head in an attempted assassination by a KGBist.

Taylor and Redondo have taken on as much of a Dick Grayson/Barbara Gordon romance so far as any creator has done in the past, introducing a three-legged dog named Haley (AKA Bitwing) into the supporting cast, and During his run, Dick has officially become the wealthiest member of the Batman family, thanks to being the sole heir to the late Alfred Pennyworth’s considerable estate following his assassination. Batman #77 And Bruce Wayne laterclown war‘ Crossover.

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The new suit design was completed in January in Nightwing #88 and Reynaldo is singled out the return of the blue stripe (running all the way down the fingers), which originated from artist Brian Stelfries’ 1995 Nightwing costume redesign . However, Redondo’s image doesn’t give any indication that Stelfreeze’s ponytail is making a comeback.

According to DC, in Nightwing #88, Dick realizes he needs to be himself and Nightwing, which becomes increasingly difficult after his vast fortune becomes public.

In this issue Merciless is trying to buy power from Blockbuster to take control of Bludhaven, with Nightwing in the crosshairs of both villains.

And as the edition cover by Jamal Campbell indicates, Nightwing also finds some time with Barbara.

View DC’s January 2022 request on Friday, October 15 at 12PM ET.

dick and Batgirl/Oracle/Barbara Gordon fast becoming the heart of the Batman family.

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