Nintendo Switch OLED Joy-Cons may be less likely to drift

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The OLED Switch works with older Joy-Cons, but newer ones may be less inclined.

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Nintendo’s new Switch OLED came out on Friday, and its Joy-Con controllers may seem unchanged on the surface. It may make you worry that they will suffer from running problem, where the controller Register joystick movement players without touching them.


This may be less of a problem in the base model, including the Lite and OLED, due to Nintendo’s tweaks making in parts, according to a developer Q&A posted on the company’s site, as noted earlier By Axios reporter Stephen Totilo.

“We have tested the Joy-Con controllers used by customers and repeatedly improved their wear resistance and durability,” said Toru Yamashita, Nintendo’s deputy general manager for technology development.

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“Parts for Joy-Con analog sticks are not something that can be bought off the shelf, but are specially designed, so we put a lot of thought into making them better. Plus, we put in the reliability test itself. have improved, and we have continued to make changes to improve durability and pass this new test.”

However, technical development general manager Ko Shiota acknowledged that it is unlikely to completely eliminate the problem as it deteriorates over time.

“Car tires, for example, wear out as the car moves, because they are in constant friction with the ground in order to rotate,” he said. “So with that same premise, we asked ourselves how can we improve sustainability, and not only that, but how can both operation and sustainability coexist? It’s something we’re constantly tackling. “

Since the Switch OLED and its better-looking Joy-Cons only started reaching players on Friday, it’s too early to tell how widespread the issue of drift will be in the updated model.

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