Nintendo Switch OLED stock: where to buy the upgraded console

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The Nintendo Switch OLED may have just been released but you wouldn’t know it if you live in certain regions. Yes, it’s the same old story for another big tech launch because it’s impossible to find Nintendo Switch OLED stock at many retailers. Even if the news isn’t looking so good right now, check in again soon as we’ll be updating this page regularly on where to buy Nintendo Switch OLEDs in your area.

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Latest (October 8): The Nintendo Switch OLED is available to order in some UK stores, but the numbers are dwindling throughout the day. In the US, Console Refresh isn’t available to buy anywhere right now — and has actually been out of stock since the initial pre-order phase. We’re expecting more consoles to be available soon and will update the list below as soon as we see a restock.

Now that the pre-order period is up and gone, we’ll continue to keep an eye on Nintendo Switch OLED stock at all general retailers after the October 8th release date. We expect this to be a popular buy as we head towards Black Friday 2021, so you’ll need to act fast as more consoles become available to get one before the end of the year.


At $349.99 / £309.99 / AU$539, the new Nintendo Switch OLED price is $50 / £40 / AU$60 more expensive than the original model. For that premium, you get a bigger OLED display, a new kickstand, and a LAN supporting dock. The Nintendo Switch OLED launches on October 8th alongside the Metroid Dread.

You’ll get all the latest news on Nintendo Switch OLED stock, along with a regularly updated list of retailers as they’re taking orders. We’ll be sure to add any offers to the year’s Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals as soon as any discounts go live.

Nintendo Switch OLED Stocks in the US

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Retailers in the US have sold out entirely through their initial allotment of Nintendo Switch OLED stock. We’ll keep checking on them and update the list below to see where to buy Nintendo Switch OLEDs. Neither store has yet announced when their next restock is happening. Your best choice is to follow us Switch OLED Restock Twitter Tracker Matt Sweder For frequent updates in the US.

  • Amazon: out of stock
  • best Buy: out of stock
  • Gamestop: out of stock
  • aim: out of stock
  • Walmart: out of stock

Where to Buy Nintendo Switch OLED in the US

Amazon | white (sold out) | Neon (Sold out)
It was too late for Amazon to put the latest console iteration up for sale and haven’t had any Nintendo Switch OLED stock since then. Given its size we can expect a restock to happen at some point soon and you will be notified as soon as there is any news.

walmart | white (sold out) | Neon (Sold out)

Walmart’s initial wave of Nintendo Switch OLED stock lasted until July 17. Both models are now completely sold out. The retailer has been one of the best this year for console restocks on PS5 and Xbox Series X, so it’s definitely worth keeping an eye out and checking their store page regularly for updates.

Best Buy | white (sold out) | Neon (Sold out)
Best Buy’s July 15 initial wave of Nintendo Switch OLED stock sold out so quickly that many users were reporting the ‘Add to Cart’ button was grayed out within minutes. This was actually followed by a second wave on 16 July, but that too sold out in short order. There was a suggestion that they would have stock again on launch day, but nothing happened – at least for now.

GameStop | white (sold out) | Neon (Sold out)
GameStop was the last retailer to take initial orders for the Nintendo Switch OLED. Nothing has happened since that early fall, but it should be one of the best places to buy the Switch OLED console bundle, if PS5 and Xbox Series X restocks are anything to go by.

target | white (sold out) | Neon (Sold out)
Of all the major retailers, Target’s initial batch of Nintendo Switch OLED stock sold the slowest, so it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on their store pages. At the time of writing, there are currently no consoles left, however, so it’s a matter of checking regularly for updates as they arrive.

Nintendo Switch OLED stock in the UK

Where to Buy Nintendo Switch OLED in the UK. Thankfully, many stores, including Argos, Smyths and Game, have stock available to order now. Amazon is also taking orders, but they won’t be delivered until October 12 at the earliest.

  • Amazon: Available to order for £309.99
  • Argos: £309.99. in stock of
  • Curry: out of stock
  • My Nintendo Store: out of stock
  • Smythe Toys: £309.99. in stock from
  • very: out of stock
  • Play: £309.99. in stock from

Where to Buy Nintendo Switch OLED in the UK

Amazon | white (£309.99) | Neon (£309.99)
Amazon doesn’t have the Nintendo Switch OLED in stock right now, but is taking orders for delivery next week through October 12th.

My Nintendo Store | white (not in stock) | Neon (not in stock)
Both the White and Neon versions of the new Nintendo Switch OLED are out of stock at the official My Nintendo Store. Previously, it’s been one of the best places to buy a Nintendo Switch OLED bundle, which includes some freebies. Hope these offers come back soon.

Argos | white (not in stock) | Neon (£309.99)
Argos has a few more Nintendo Switch OLED consoles available in Neon. The white version is out of stock. Availability may still depend on your region so be sure to enter your pincode to double check.

game | white (not in stock) | Neon (£309.99)
GAME had an influx of Nintendo Switch OLED bundles earlier this week, but most sold out on launch day. Many with Neon consoles are still available for purchase along with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Animal Crossing New Horizons and Metroid Dread. We don’t expect them to last long.

many | white (£309.99) | Neon (£309.99)
Both the White and Neon versions of the Nintendo Switch OLED are no longer in stock at Very. You can still buy the new carry case but that’s all for now. The PS5 and Xbox Series X have been great with restocks, so it’s definitely one to check out regularly.

curry | white (£309.99) | Neon (£309.99)
Curry was again, like Amazon, one of the first retailers to sell during the pre-order phase. As one of the bigger stores, this is definitely one to watch for the Nintendo Switch OLED restox.

Nintendo Switch OLED Stocks in Australia

Visiting from Aus? Here are the best retailers to check Nintendo Switch OLED stock

  • JB Hi-Fi: In stock now in Neon and White
  • Gameman: Pre-order now live in Neon and White
  • EB Games: Available to order now in Neon and White
  • Amazon AU: Out of stock in both Neon and White

With the exception of Amazon AU, Australian retailers still have plenty of Nintendo Switch OLED stock to grab – excellent news if you haven’t placed your order yet.

EB Games and JB Hi-Fi have the new Nintendo console listed at AU$539, with both retailers offering it in two available color options – White and Neon.

Additionally, EB Games is also offering the new Nintendo Switch OLED for a reduced price of AU$299 when you trade-in your current Nintendo Switch consoles (except Nintendo Switch Lite).

How long is more Nintendo Switch OLED stock in stores?

Assuming you’re visiting from the US or UK, it’s pretty hard to narrow it down to exact dates. For example, we didn’t even have a concrete time or date for the initial wave of orders, so things are pretty high. So far, most retailers haven’t removed their product inventory, which is actually a good sign that they’re trying to secure more stock.

Fair warning, if demand remains high, even if we get multiple restocks, it is possible that retailers will resort to various anti-scaling and anti-bottling techniques to ensure that genuine customers get their consoles. While these steps are necessary, you may see things like email queues, raffle draws, or even local pick-up only sales—which are particularly favored overs at GameStop and Target.

Essentially, it’s pretty much the same situation as the PS5 restock and Xbox Series X restock that we’ve seen over the past 12 months. It will come down to a good dose of luck paying attention to retailers’ announcements, being on time, and getting the Nintendo Switch OLED.

What is the price of Nintendo Switch OLED?

Nintendo Switch OLED costs $349.99 / £309.99 / AU$539. That’s $50 more than the original Nintendo Switch model’s MSRP. Previously rumored to have 4K dock upscaling, Nvidia graphics, and an enhanced CPU spec at $399/£379 – a $100/£100 price increase over the previous model that made a lot of sense.

Without these extra features, an increase of $50 / £50 / AU$60 is still good for an OLED display (provided the battery is increased to maintain and power the original launch model), even though we’d expect to see one. Be here for our cash under the hood a little more. The original Nintendo Switch launched at $299 / £279 / AU$469 and managed to undercut the prices of the PS4 and Xbox One at the time.

You can also find many of the latest Nintendo Switch deals below if you don’t want a brand new console. You might as well grab a few extras to go with your new purchase, including some cheap Joy-Con controllers or maybe even some cheap Nintendo Switch games?

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