After many fans were curious what the next update is Nintendo Switch Online The latest Nintendo Direct has announced new details, fueling speculation of possible Nintendo 64 games and possibly Game Boy games. Not only are Nintendo 64 titles coming to subscriptions for the console’s 25th anniversary, but to the surprise of many fans, SEGA Genesis games are as well.

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In the 90s, as Nintendo and SEGA came face to face in the console market, SEGA was known for coining the phrase “Genesis Do What Nintendonot” among other aggressive marketing campaigns against the biggest competitor at the time. Now, 30 years later, Genesis has found new life thanks to this collaboration with Nintendo Switch Online.


Announced in a Nintendo Direct shared on September 23, the SEGA Genesis title will be playable on the best-selling hybrid console as part of Nintendo Switch Online’s latest paid plan. It is paired with Nintendo 64 titles in an “expansion pack” scheme, named after an older N64 peripheral. The pricing of the plan is yet to be disclosed, only to be discussed at a later date.

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So far 14 games have been declared playable when the collection arrives at the end of October, such as sonic the hedgehog 2handjob echo the dolphin, And streets of fury. Nintendo is pulling out all the stops for its collection to sell exclusive wireless Genesis controllers to be used with the Nintendo Switch. The unique throwback controller can be purchased exclusively by any NSO member, just like the final release of the service’s NES and SNES-themed controllers.

It’s definitely a team-up that’s sure to surprise old-school fans everywhere, given the competitive history of SEGA and Nintendo. Even Sonic itself was built to compete against Mario in sales, and now even the console it was built for has had a conflict between the two companies in the past. There is a home with Nintendo after everything.

The only trouble facing the collaboration is if fans think the collection is worth the extra price tag, especially since SEGA has made efforts to make its older games more widely available, such as the SEGA Forever campaign. As a result Genesis titles may ride more on the Nintendo 64 collection’s coattails than are worth on their own to potential buyers. For now, fans looking forward to both collections will have to wait for its reveal Nintendo Switch Online Before deciding on the expansion pack’s pricing in the next few weeks.

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