Nintendo Switch's adorable new Kirby game gets a release date and new trailer

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Kirby and the Forgotten Lands launches for the Nintendo Switch on March 25, Nintendo announced. In line with the release date, the company shared a new trailer showcasing the new copy capabilities and co-op gameplay.

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Kirby and the Forgotten Land marks Pink Puffball’s first full 3D adventure. The game is set in a mysterious, post-apocalyptic land, where Kirby must save Waddle Deez from a sinister group of monsters known as the Beast Pack.

As in previous games, Kirby can swallow enemies and mimic their powers. In addition to classic abilities like sword and ice, Kirby can gain a number of new copy powers in the Forgotten Lands, such as the drill and gun-toting ranger. You can see these new powers in action in the trailer below.


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Between levels, players will visit an area called Waddle de Town, where they can play minigames and view online leaderboards. Nintendo also confirmed that the game supports local co-op. A second player can pick up a controller and travel with Kirby as the javelin-wielding bandana Waddle D.

This year is notable for Kirby, as the series celebrates its 30th anniversary. To celebrate the milestone, Nintendo shared special anniversary wallpaper On the official Kirby Twitter account. The company also teased that “various activities” to celebrate Kirby’s 30th anniversary are “coming soon.”

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