Nintendo Island, official of Nintendo Animal Crossing: New Horizons The island has been updated. Updates include new items and seasonal furniture ‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ 2.0 Update.

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This news comes from a tweet made by the official Nintendo account of Europe. Four screenshots showing the redesigned island are included. Since it is part of the 2.0 update, it can be accessed for players without happy home paradise DLC.


As long as they have an active Switch Online subscription, players can go to Nintendo’s own island by punching in the correct Dream Address. To reach Ninton Island, jump on a bed and go to sleep. dream address DA-6382-1459-4417,

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Screenshots show a variety of new items on the display. The first features an outdoor music concert complete with the company of gyroids sitting upstairs and surrounded by mario Decoration The second screenshot shows a garden with new plants such as tomatoes and wheat.

There’s a digging space next to the table that’s driving more than one commenter crazy. The third screenshot spotlights a kitchen with freshly made food, a hanging light, a music box, and more gyroids. It’s a really relaxing scene. The last screenshot shows another outdoor scene with a smiling villager and visitor. The leaves fall gently to the ground and a bright blue train is displayed.

The Nintendo Island was first unveiled in November 2020 and saw its first update in May of this year. This time around, there’s a definite autumn theme, coming to the Northern Hemisphere just before winter. Comments on the web seem to be of the same opinion compared to player islands, with the island appearing a bit sparse and “heavy”. Still, it can be a good place to check out some of the new items on display, download custom designs, and get some general inspiration on how to decorate the island.

Visiting a dream island is not the same as visiting an island via airport or boat. While players can explore the island, talk to villagers, and enter houses, they can’t shop, fish, learn new DIY recipes, or pick up any items are taken back with them. Instead, Dream Islands allows players to show off their islands, without worrying about visitors destroying all their hard work and looting everything that isn’t down. While this may be appreciated, there are many people who wish there was more interaction available within Dream Islands.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Available on Nintendo Switch.

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