No AirPods 3 yet? Nab these new SoundPeats buds for $37.49 instead

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The Soundbeats Air 3 has an open design like the standard AirPods.

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SoundPeats, a value brand that sells a lot of earbuds on Amazon, has a lot of fans. However, I have not been one of them. Over the years, the company has sent me its fair share of review samples and truth be told, I haven’t really loved any of them, mainly because its noise-isolating models didn’t fit well in my ears. Huh. But I have a good feeling about SoundPeats’ latest open buds, Soundbeats Air 3, which launched today and are on sale for 25% off if you follow these instructions. Click on the instant 10%-off code on their Amazon product page and apply the Nerdshala exclusive 15%-off code 4KWPTXXK At checkout, the price drops to $37.49. The code is good until September 30th (or until supplies last).

Soundbeats says the Air is 10% smaller than the 3 TrueAir 2 And the case is really small, smaller than the case for AirPods. The buds stay in my ears more securely than AirPods (I’m one of those people who have trouble keeping AirPods in my ears, especially if I start running). These use Qualcomm’s 3040 chipset (Bluetooth 5.2) and I had no trouble pairing them with the iPhone 12 Pro and Google Pixel 4 XL (the earbuds support the aptX audio codec with compatible devices). My connection was pretty stable.

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Sound quality is good for open earbuds. It’s right there with the AirPods and they also have a bit more bass. I think most people would be satisfied with the sound. The only issue I noticed is that you can only push them so far. I encountered some distortion when playing some tracks at high volumes (rock tracks where playing multiple instruments at once can be challenging). As a result I put the earbuds at 60% max (you can adjust the volume using the touch controls, which work well). They play louder at higher volumes.


Yes, the Soundbeats Air 3 Buds look a lot like the black AirPods.

In the end, I thought these performed well as a headset for making calls. They had decent noise reduction on the noisy streets of New York and callers said they could hear me well. They have two mics in each bud.

The Air 3 may not have the premium look or feel to them, but they’re lightweight and thanks to the ear-detection sensor, your music automatically pauses when you take a bud out of your ears. You can either use the bud independently as a single bud to listen to music or make calls.

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Battery life is rated at 5 hours at moderate volume levels and you get an additional 2.5 charges from the charging case (it charges via USB-C). The earbuds are splash-proof with an IPX5 rating and also feature a low-latency gaming mode.

Overall, these are a solid choice Current AirPods, which is approx. sell for $115 with Wired Charging Case, and they are a good set of earbuds for kids. while we’re still waiting airpods 3 To start with—they can cost as much as $199—these soundpits are a good deal at $37.50. I suspect we will see them selling around this price with various discounts in the coming months. After all, the Soundbeats TrueAir 2 is about . selling for $34. Those buds look almost identical, but have a different charging case.

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