No thyme to die: How to make Scrambled Eggs James Bond

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James Bond creator Ian Fleming This deceptively simple recipe was included as an obscure addition to the American editions of his non-fiction travel book thrilling city. It’s a nice respite from the overpopulated world of caviar and Vespers For the Bond fan.

Silky, herbal and indulgent: Scrambled Eggs James Bond really works with modern plant-based ingredients.

Fleming loved scrambled eggs, probably given his death of a heart attack at age 56, so I substitute liquid just egg And Miyoko’s Salted Cultured Vegan Butter for animal based parent material; I’ve been making this dish for over 30 years and I can assure you that these substitutions only make it better.

scrambled eggs james bond recipe

Found only in a few editions of Ian Fleming’s lesser-known travelogue Thrilling Cities, it is the only recipe formally tied to 007.

Other insider tips include using Himalayan black salt Instead of regular table salt to get a sulfur hint that punctuates Just Egg’s eggs, and make sure you have Herb, not the more common herb de Provence. While stirring constantly, switch to low and low on heat and cook time respectively.

You’ll balk at the amount of butter needed, but don’t pull low as it is the key to the dish’s silkiness and its beautiful shine. Miyoko’s plant-based butter is the best at achieving both and zeroes out cholesterol.

scrambled eggs james bond ingredients

Four key ingredients, along with freshly ground black pepper and fine bread, comprise this deceptively simple dish.

When it’s time to plate, toast delicate bread instead of a slice of a rustic loaf: This is a fork-and-knife dish that will risk launching onto the table if you have to cut through the crust with a table knife. To wrestle with.

You don’t need to serve it hot copper vessel together with the saucer pink tattinger, but it brings the experience full circle. For less music called out by Fleming, my suggested Spotify playlist is Here.

Bond hunger.

fried eggs james bond

customized 2021

per serving:

  • two thirds cup liquid just egg
  • 2-3 oz Miyoko’s Salted Cultured Butter
  • pinch of Himalayan black salt
  • 1 teaspoon fine herbs
  • freshly ground black pepper to taste

In a nonstick 8-inch frying pan, heat Just Egg Liquid with 2 ounces room-temperature butter, a pinch of Himalayan black salt, and black pepper to taste. Bring the heat over the surface of the pan to very low, about 235 degrees, and stir constantly with a flexible spatula, moving any egg mixture from the sides of the pan back to the center.

When the egg mixture becomes slightly more moist than you wish to eat, remove the pan from the heat and add another ounce of butter. Keep stirring for another minute, adding in the finely chopped herbs. Serve on tender warm buttered toast in a copper dish with pink Taittinger champagne and low music.

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